Love life, libido and 2 new kittens

What a combination, right? Well, ladies.  I'm a 52-year professional; divorced, attractive; no children.  Just acquired 2 new kittens (this will all connect in a minute).  I owe, I owe, and off to work I go.  I work, I come home.  The kittens are a bundle of energy that I should be expending on a love life.  My libido is somewhere in the freezer between the Green Giant green peas and the Ore Ida sweet potato fries (low fat, by the way).  I have no desire to grin like a chesire cat on E-harmony or Match.com and do a commercial; but miss the companionship of a man in my life.  What does a single woman do, with plenty of married friends, to get re-connected with the world out there?  Are there pretty colors? (LOL)  Weekends, I'm tired and just want to veg out with the kittens.  Now that that's all tied together, the libido, love life and kittens, any suggestions other than kitty treats, frozen food The Golden Girls reruns?


Meooowwww in NJ


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