5 must-have travel clothes and accessories

Contourwear pack 1. The Adventure Travel Pack from Contourwear
The gals over at Contourwear are all about packing light, and AMEN to that! To that end, they’ve created the Adventure Travel Pack. Just 7 pieces of clothing allows you to create 35 different outfits when you mix and match the tops and bottoms. All of these fit easily in a small Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder, which can then fit into your carry-on bag or even in a messenger bag.
jet set skirt 2. Jet Set Skirt from Magellan’s
You may not often need a dressy outfit when traveling, but when you do, you’ll be glad you tucking the Jet Set Skirt in your suitcase. Made of a silky soft polyester/spandex blend, it’s machine washable and wrinkle-free–extremely important for the savvy traveler who wants to look good but may not have access to an iron. Jet Set has a variety of other clothes in this collection so that you can mix and match.

ExOfficio halo shirt 3. Women’s Insect Shield Halo Shirt from ExOfficio
I love ExOfficio’s travel clothing for how practical they are and I’m a HUGE fan of the Insect Shield line. I haven’t taken a malaria prophylaxes in 16 years and haven’t worn a DEET-based lotion in I don’t know how long. Instead I wear the ExO clothes that are impregnated with the insect repellant (and sun protection).
Isis flower shirt 4. ISIS clothing from ISIS
Specializing in outdoor and performance clothing for women, ISIS has a number of items that pack up super small and are perfect for traveling. My favorites include the Greta Pants (which feel like you’re wearing nothing) and their many blouses including the Twisted V-Neck Tee and Power Flower Top. You can be an outdoor gal or spruced up backpacker with ISIS.

Magellan travel shawl 5. Lost River Knit Shawl from Magellan’s
The Lost River Knit Shawl can be worn as a shawl or a hooded wrap for those times you’re entering a Muslim temple (seriously) or just need to protect yourself from the wind. You can then turn it upside down and it becomes a long (albeit light) jacket. This Malibu blue is my favorite color.

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  1. KareAnderson KareAnderson says

    That #5 looks good for so many situations thanks! Plus now I am going to get your book

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  2. Deborah Deborah says

    We Glam Gals over at http://www.fabulousafter40.com , love Cass and Co. shapewear. The top is made so that you don’t have to wear a bra! Just tried it on a recent ski trip. Wore it on the plane and on teh slopes…SO much more comfortable than the bra sticking to your back. check it out here:

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  3. cynthia cynthia says

    I’m not sure where the woman above has been travelling but in my travels of more than 20 years do not include any of the above. What I travel with is a wardrobe of a pair of Piazza sempone slacks, a black armani pencil skirt, 3 types of black dresses, an old Armani black jumper, an Alberta Ferretti, cocktail dress and a sleek little black knit I picked up in Italy. Oh yeah, a black pair of henry cuir boots, a pair of Christian louboutin flats and of course a pair of CL High heels. A ton of tops and I can go anywhere.

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  4. MyBigWalk MyBigWalk says

    Hi Beth – love your list and can’t wait to check out your blog. I am planning a 2 week trip to Vienna and Prague this summer and am shopping ahead. Just bought a poplin wrinkle-free button down shirt at Talbots and a pair of amazing Naot sandals — both big splurges for me. I love the Jet Set Skirt — but thought you might want to know I could not find it on the magellan site. – Laurie

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    • curvescovergirl curvescovergirl says

      Believe it or not, part of my wardrobe is a towel. The Discovery Trekking travel  towel (58 x 34″) is essential. Its not like a regular towel, its very luxurious thin fabric that packs easily. It is a great beach coverup, shawl for sleeveless dress (no one will guess what it is) , and also makes a good airplane blanket. It contains Silver which kills bacteria so it doesn’t get musty…  Oh yeah, it’s an amazing towel. lol

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    • PT PT says

      I am beginning to gather my thoughts on which clothes to pack for a two week trip to Moscow and Prague in late September.  I’m interested to know what you decided on to pack for traveling and where in Prague you recommend. Any ideas on shoes?

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