3 essentials for an easy yet chic weekend look

  1. Gap 1969 Jeans
    Great cut, curvy fit, beautiful color, stretchy and comfy – these jeans keep their color, and are easy to get wrinkles out of. Plus, they flatter a mature figure. About $55.
  2. Bare Escentuals Starter Kit
    My make-up looks great. I don’t have any goopy liquid stuff on my fingers or on my clothes. It doesn’t get into my contacts and it looks natural while giving good coverage. Super easy to use. I get months of use from these great products at an affordable price!
  3. Michael Stars “Supima Cotton” Semi-Fitted Tees
    Great colors. Thin but not see-through, breathable cotton fabric. Elbow-length, 3/4 sleeves! Sooo easy to wash/iron. Chic yet casual. Great price point. Almost indestructible.

What are your casual-yet-chic style staples?


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  1. Gramma Gramma says

    Good report, sassy!  I have three choices that are similar to yours….I buy Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans at Kohls, I think they were on sale for $20. something….  They have great sizes, colors and stretch that does not stretch out…For shirts I have bought/ordered on line St. Johns Tees from Penny’s that are Cotton, V neck, and 3/4 length sleeves, on sale for about $5.99 each…..Makeup….I go back and forth from Avon’s Mineral Makeup (I used to buy Bare Minerals, but recent retirement has causes me to look for better deals!) to their ANEW age transforming makeup…I like both types but wear the liquid more in the winter weather (for dryer skin) and the mineral in the summer (when I perspire more)…..Shoes are a big deal for me also…As in comfort….I like to wear flipflop sandles or light flats in the summer and clogs or low healed boots in the winter…all of these of course need to have good comfortable soles and beds for my aging, flattening feet…..With any of these , whether summer or winter I grap a flyaway light sweater in any color and I am set!  =]

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  2. Generic Image DarTo says

    I love the look that you are enjoying but I have a question concerning the Tshirt look.  How does one deal with a muffin top over the waist?  I am slim but have had Gastric ByPass & have more loose skin in some areas than what I feel comfortable about.  Need to conceal arms & prefer not to wear the more clingy fashions.  I have been wearing a great colored cami (probably lace trimmed)under a classic blouse (either small stripes or solid colored). I choose either 3/4 or long sleeves as I deal with “bat wing” arms both above & below my elbows.  It works for me.  Jeans or twills are my constant pant choice.  I like some of the Lee or Christopher Banks jeans as I am tall & can be better accomodated with length with these brands. The makeup situation is another area of discontent.  It seems any makeup that I have tried just disappears in a short time & I am left with my light complexion.  I have tried mineral & liquids of all types. Also tried every moisture product that anyones else likes.  Absolute frustration! But~ I feel fantastic.  Life is GREAT!!!  

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    • Robin Donovan, Menologues Robin Donovan, Menologues says

      The muffin top requires a button down blouse – it hides a multitude of sin – make sure it’s a little on the longer side. Steinmart has Scott Taylor blouses – awesome! I really miss my Steinmart!!!

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  3. Generic Image brendas8 says

    I always find,that a crisp white blouse,and a dark denim jean,looks so sliming on my small 5ft frame,its very classy,and comfotable to wear,makeup,i dont use much,,but i always put some on,and some brows,lashes,and lipgloss…

    A braclet,some sandles..and iam done!

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