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Losing a son after he marries…

It's been 6 years now, but because of an argument and other control issues that were becoming apparent, before the wedding with my son's fiance, I am no longer allowed to be in contact with them.  She was very confrontational, expected me to have my list in by june 1st (wedding was Dec 6). I was a week late, and she scolded me as if I was one of her 6th grade students. Very stupid stuff! I didn't butt in at all, gave a shower, and I was told I had no business doing that. She was going to make my son open the gifts alone in front of the women. Anyways, then the blowup....I then wasn't allowed  to go to the wedding.

She cannot forgive me after I have tried to do all the right things I was supposed to do, apologize, etc.  We initially had a great relationship, she lived upstate.  When she moved to the area and got her first teaching job, she began to act more aloof to me, as I couldn't do anything right.  Tried to get together to have lunch with her mom, never happened. almost felt like her mom didn't want her to be too friendly with her mom-in-law. Her mom got rid of her in-laws when she first married.

Anyways, to make a long story short, never met my 2 year old grandson. No response from gifts, calls, emails etc.  They had a big bday party for the 2yr old. My father was there, my brother, whole family, except me. I sent a metal pedal fire engine. Everybody liked it. My Mom and Dad got my son that when he was 2.  I left a message when I did not get a thank you, if they did not want to keep it, his dad or brother could return it to me for my daughter's son.  My ex (i get along with him well) called for me.  They got rid of it.

I can't keep walking into brick walls, I have a step grandchild who absolutely loves me. My daughter, other son and stepdaughter are wonderful and are with me often.  My new grandson was just here to visit, he is 1 yrs old.  I never knew this man my son has become.  I have let him go.  It still is hard, he was my first born. I am much better, but I never thought women could really be that evil.  They really exist, but I never knew I deserved to have one in my life... A Mom is forever 


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