Would you look good with short hair? Ask yourself these three questions Hot Conversation

Could you pull off a very short haircut? John Frieda once told me the way to tell if you’ll look good with short hair is to ask yourself three questions:

Hip, Short Hair After 50: When to Cut and How to Do It Right

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  1. Do you look great/ feel beautiful straight out of shower or pool with your hair away from your face?
  2. Do you have a good profile with a long neck and defined jawline?
  3. Do you always pull your hair back into a ponytail?

If the answer is yes to all three questions, go for it. You have the confidence, sexy attitude and proportions to pull it off.

Lois Joy Johnson is the author of the Vibrant Nation beauty guide, Great Hair After 50. Follow this link to learn more!

Hip, Short Hair After 50: When to Cut and How to Do It Right

Where may we email your FREE report and handy tips?


Rest assured, we don't send spam and your info is never shared with 3rd parties.

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11 Responses

  1. Tamara Tamara says

    Been there, done that…no more short short hair for me!

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  2. essentially_solo essentially_solo says

    I wore my hair short thru much of professional career, then a few years ago, I lost all my hair from chemotherapy treatments.  Naturally, when it started growing again, I didn’t want to cut it, so I let it grow.  After about five years,  I realized what a royal pain it is to take care of long hair and I pulled it back in a pony tail and ignored it for a while, that got really old really quick.  Now I’ve gone back to my very short "professional" style, and I love it.  It is so easy to care for, and frankly I don’t give two hoots if others like the style, I like it, and that is what counts to me.

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  3. Generic Image trvln1 says

    I have been wearing my hair short for a long time. Recently decided I wanted a change and started letting it grow. After a few months of the growing pain stage and then seeing hair on my head that needed care. Decided to cut it off again, and went out and purchased a couple of wigs in the length and styles that I wanted my hair to be. Voila! It is working for me and I look good with or with out the wig. I love being able to mix it up! No shame in my wigs…LOL

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  4. Catdeeva Catdeeva says

    I like my hair better now than ever! No more long hair for me. It is so easy to care for…just wash and go!

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  5. cjbeachgirl cjbeachgirl says

    I’ve worn my hair short on and off all my life. Its looks good short and long. I’m wearing it in between right now. But who knows I might cut it short again during the summer but after my ds wedding. I’m not making any drastic changes right now.

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    • Generic Image rosiemay says

      Just had my hari cut very short and sassy today and I love love love it. I wore it short most of my life until I was 50. I then decided to let it grow a bit. Every now and then it looked ok but I was never quite pleased with my profile when I caught sight of it in the mirror……..this went on for about ten years and also with that I drifted from hair dresser to hair dresser and never pleased. Well todayI took the plunge and went to a new hair dresser that several people I know go to and told her my story. She cut my hair short and she seemed pleased with her work as  she said to her assistant “look at what a difference this cut does for this woman” She told me that the style I walked in with aged me. Any I know that I am going on and on but I guess it is because I am so pleased with my new short cut.

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  6. Generic Image Sevres Blue says

    Since the ‘wash and go’ look doesn’t work for me, long hair is easier!  I can put it up if it’s hot, wear it down for a dressy evening look, in a ponytail it stays out of my face in the wind (important, as I’m a painter who works en plein air, and you can’t brush short pieces away from your eyes with paint coated gloves or the tip of a brush!).  I fantasize about short hair sometimes, but I don’t have the profile, the jaw or the long neck that make it look great!

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    • Ferida Ferida says

      I had totally steaight hair for most of my life and could wear it pretty much any way I chose. I had short hair for many year. Now that my hair has turned mostly gray, it has decided to curl! In its short style, it would sproing out like Pippi Longstocking’s pigtails. I am letting it grow a tad longer to see what it wants to do. So far I am enjoying its new personality.

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      • Generic Image wonderwoman says

        Wow! Your hair started getting curly while the grey came in too? I was so surprised while it was happening to me. Now the length is just below my ears and I am no longer enslaved by the hair-dryer, straightener, etc. I apply Aveda Go Curly after my shampoo and let it air dry. I love, love my curls.

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    • Lois Joy Johnson Lois Joy Johnson says

      I cut my hair in a Meg Ryan-ish shag  once back in the 80s and loved it but I honestly think I’m a long hair lifer too. It is easier in a lot of respects and Long will always feel sexier and more youthful for me personally. I will add that  I do admire short on other women like Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, Jane Fonda, Annette Bening to name a few so I say if you have the attitude, yearning and profile go for it !

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      • debbie-deb debbie-deb says

        I too have tried the ‘Meg Ryan’ look and I can appreciate that there are many women that ‘rock’ short hair. I however have thick BUT fine hair that just looks ‘blah’ short. While all my friends moaned about their wavy or curly hair, I bemoaned the fact that mine was ‘poker’ straight and I had sooooo much of it!

        The past few years I have been letting my hair grow. It’s about an inch and a half below my shoulders now and cut into a long, shag. I love the ease of my long hair.  It’s still straight and thick, but I can pull it up on the sides, put it into a ‘messy’ bun or french roll or put some nice waves into it with hot rollers. I usually shampoo it before bed, let it air dry until bedtime when I plop it on top of my head in a loose bun. In the a.m., when I take the ‘rubber’ band out, my hair is still pretty damp, so I finish drying with a blow dryer and style. I like being able to say, ‘hmmm, is this a hair up or hair down day?’ Just feels like I have more versatility with long hair.

        It’s all about feeling good about yourself and what makes you happy.

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