Underwear over 50: 5 mistakes you can avoid

  1. Hanging on to white bras.
    The majority of the world has moved on to nude, but many women in our generation hang on to white lingerie because our mothers taught us to perceive white as clean. But white bras have a limited shelf life. They’re made of synthetic materials like spandex. You can’t bleach them to sustain the white color, so they eventually yellow.
  2. Women 50+ Know This: Favorite Recommendations for Managing Adult Children, Sex After 50, Divorce, Giving Back, Spirituality, Great Books and the Perfect Lotion for Dry Skin

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  3. Wearing bras that are a cup size too small and a band size too big.
    This is a very common mistake among women our age. A bra that is a cup size too small and a band size too big may fit you, but it won’t maximize your figure. It’s better to get a tighter band and a bigger cup size to show off your form.
  4. Assuming you’re the same bra size as in college.
    The truth is, you’re probably not. Get yourself refit.
  5. Failing to ditch the granny panties.
    We all come from the granny panty period. But I’m telling you that if I put on a bikini bottom instead of a brief or a high-cut brief, I look skinnier and way better than I do putting on those monster panties. So my suggestion to older women is, if you want to look attractive, get those skimpy bikinis. They still cover your bottom in the back, they’ve got a lower rise so it’s below your tummy, and you just look better.
  6. Not realizing that shapewear is your friend.
    Many of us think of shapewear as a girdle, but shapewear has come a long way. Now we have all these great high performance fabrics that breathe; you’re not wearing rubber anymore like you were before. Even Oprah said that she has given up panties and wears a shapewear every day. Everyone should own a couple of shapewear pieces.
Women 50+ Know This: Favorite Recommendations for Managing Adult Children, Sex After 50, Divorce, Giving Back, Spirituality, Great Books and the Perfect Lotion for Dry Skin

Where may we email your FREE report and handy tips?


Rest assured, we don't send spam and your info is never shared with 3rd parties.

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9 Responses

  1. ByJane ByJane says

    6. There’s a difference between cheap bras and expensive ones in the way they fit. 

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  2. Mistygirl Mistygirl says

    Ms Edmark is obviously marketing her website.  If she thinks the average mature women looks better in bikinis panties, she has never walked behind that women who was wearing fitted slacks, with all those soft rolls showing…..PLEASE.  I am 5’5″ and 135 lbs and I didn’t look good in bikinis when I was 20 years old.  As far as wearing shapewear which is just a new name for a girdle, they are still hot and uncomfortable.  I’ll assure you that the women who wear them it is the first thing they take off when they get home.  The part I like most about being an experienced mature women is not identifying myself through my underwear.  I have never bought into the Victoria Secret message that the only thing I have to offer the world is my tits and ass.  I like nice underwear as well as the next gal and I purchase top of line panties for their excellent fit and no panty lines.  Ms Edmark needs to meet more real women before telling us we are aging ourselves because we are not wearing bikinis.

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    • Generic Image Judy Henry says

      Amen!  One size does not fit all….here or anywhere.  We are all different and need to consider our individual needs, shape, etc.  Thanks for speaking out on this, Mistygirl.

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      • Generic Image grammy52851 says

        I agree with you, also Let me say that Shape Wear is not always our friend.  I for one, am, one of those women who sees them selves thinner, and thinks, hmm?  Maybe I can get away with a bit more desert or food, after all I don’t look so bad in my shapewear, ah, but not to think ahead, is my problem. For some time in our lives we must realize to get smaller, we need to firm up, after firming up we realize that fat takes up more volume than muscle mass. That being said if there are those who simply do not want to trim down or think they cannot, and don’t endeavor to do so, then that is a choice and far be for me to say that they have to. 

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    • Carol Orsborn Carol Orsborn says

      Not to disagree with anything else you’re saying, I do want to point out that if you ask Victoria Secret for the secret drawer with the inexpensive, least sexy, most comfortable panty, they have some secret prizes tucked away waiting just for you.  And with the Victoria Secret name on them, you feel sexier, anyway.

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      • Mistygirl Mistygirl says

        Boy you hit a hot button for me.  Did you know the primary customer that Victoria Secret is marketing to today is 10 years old.  Selling sexy underwear to 10 year olds is not my idea of a responsible business model.  Do I have to look sexy to have value in this world?  This is why over-fifty women have to fight so hard to be recognized in the mass media because if you don’t offer sexy then you have nothing to offer.  Feeing sexy is a mindset not your underwear label. 

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      • ebrena ebrena says

        I agree, I like to look nice with a bit of fashion sense but what I wear under it all most importantly needs to be comfortable or I won’t wear any.  My days of wanting to appear sexy were very stressful and competative and I am now at the sensible age of 55 and comfort is my middle name.  Nice and comfortable and breathable.  I dress for myself I believe I am sexy with or without sexy ginch.

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  3. Fran Young Fran Young says

    I’m beginning to think that Ms Edmark is a marketing ghost from the ’80s — I mean, just check out those shoulder pads….

    Really, haven’t we all gotten past the thought that it’s a shame or crime to have some rolls showing on our back?  I believe in looking good, but worrying about every little thing smacks of over concern for what others (men?) think and how we can be judged by society on appearance alone. 

    But that being said, my favorite panty is the kind that fits to the waist but with a high cut on the legs.  Whatever I can do for visually lengthening my short stubbies….  If I’m wearing my jeans so tight that my panty line shows, well, so be it — or maybe I should wear some looser pants.  I’ve got too much important stuff to worry about, like: How am I going to slow the growth of my hair so that I don’t have to dye it so often?  One woman’s worry is another’s “who cares?”  Besides, I have one of those weird husbands who actually likes to check out my panty lines…..says it makes him think about taking them off later in the afternoon!  Lucky me!

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    • LilTigg LilTigg says

      Yeh I agree her photo is very ’80′s – maybe she should invest in an up dated one! Our lumps & bumps are all earned so why shouldn’t we show them off? If you watch the movie Shirley Valentine – her lover says she should love her stretch marks as they are proof of her womanhood.

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