5 tips for getting along 24/7 on your road trip

  1. Set ground rules.
    To avoid conflict, make sure everyone has the same expectations before you leave. Decide things like how long to travel each day, types of lodging, meal choices, what to see, etc.

  2. Ensure that everyone has adequate space.
    Provide some personal space for each person in the vehicle, even if it’s a small backpack, a box, a crate, a cooler or whatever. It needs to scream “This is mine!”

  3. NAME
  4. Exercise.
    Get some exercise each day, even if it is a long travel day. Take time to do a little yoga, take a walk, swim, kayak, or go for a run. Do whatever will relax you and recharge your batteries.

  5. Separate.
    Take a break–don’t do everything together. One goes to a museum while the other plays golf, one reads a book while the other picks up snacks for happy hour… You get the idea! Make it fun and a nice “time out.”

  6. Be forgiving.
    Learn to say, “Yes dear.” Everyone will have their bad days and bad times. You must support one another and know that tomorrow will be better. Create a safe haven and a respectful, loving atmosphere around you and you’ll have the time of your lives!

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