5 makeup alternatives to cosmetic surgery and dermatological procedures

Not quite ready for Botox, fillers, lasers or a little scalpel work? These makeup tricks can help delay, stall or put off medical intervention.

  1. Instead of plumping lips with filler:
    Use a lip-toned pencil to even out irregularities in the top bow.
    Join the cupids’ bow into a rounded shape instead of drawing points. Fill in lips with the same color pencil and top with a shimmery gloss.
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  3. Instead of filling naso-labial nose to mouth lines:
    Finish foundation application by smoothing expression lines with a damp sponge to prevent makeup from settling in the creases. Strengthen eye makeup and apply blush on the tops of your cheekbones rather than the apples. Both will keep attention on the upper face.
  4. Instead of an upper eye-lift:
    Try getting more definition from your eye liner. Use a dense black pencil and retrace it with shadow liner. Try lining the inner rims too. Have your teeth whitened or use at-home strips to de-age the lower face and bring attention back to your mouth with a flattering rose or berry lip color.
  5. Instead of a face and neck lift:
    Buff your foundation over the cliff of the jaw and down onto your neck. Then use a light contour powder or bronzer to subtly define the jaw- line. Opt for V necklines for a longer smoother look. Camouflage brown spots on neck and chest with an opaque water-resistant concealer.
  • Instead of a browlift or Botox:
    Reposition the brow and stretch it outwards with pencil or wax and powder for a lifted elongated look. Cut full bangs to camouflage forehead wrinkles.
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    4 Responses

    1. Picturesandwords Picturesandwords says

      These are great tips. I have found that mousse foundation gives a nicer finish than liquid or cream. It fills in fine lines and pores without settling there.

      I have always had overhanging eyelids so have learned how to use eyeshadow to open up my eyes and visually lift the upper lid by using a light (or no) shadow directly above the eyeliner then darker shadow in the create and up toward the brow bone. Bronzer brushed under a sagging chin/neck makes it visually recede and defines the jaw line on a weak jaw.

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    2. Generic Image Sally808 says

      I guess this has to do with makeup. I have had a LOT of probles with skin cancer and I would like to find a lotion that I can put all over my body without smelling like I’m going to the beach. Know of any???

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    3. Generic Image Darcy09 says

      Avon Soft and Sensual, avon’s body lotions are also good (scented), also the large Oatmeal moisturizing lotion is good.  Sizes and decent, price is decent and the scented lotions do the work they are designed for.

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    4. fischerpat fischerpat says

      I’m sorry, I think some of these tips would be terribly aging.  I have considered the upper eye lift.  However, if I used heavy black eyeliner and berry lip color I would look like a clown.  I am extremely fair with strawberry blonde hair.  Such artificial colors on me would be grotesque, and I think it would be on many aging women.
      I’d like to use eyeshadow to open up that area, but my lids are so wrinkled that even light colors just accentuate the creases. 
      Maybe I should resign myself to the ‘aging gracefully’ club.

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