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Lighten your grey hair color to make it look glamorous
Fashion & Beauty

Lighten your grey hair color to make it look glamorous

VN Editors

1 year ago

Grey hair color can be a glamorous look, but only if you’re using it to its fullest effect. Steel grey hair has a certain handsome beauty to it, but you should add some lighter tones to your hair to make it look healthier, glossier and prettier. Grey hair color doesn’t have to age you immediately; lighten it to pull light toward your face, and instantly brighten up your look.

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Lightening grey hair

Color adds depth to hair, a look of richness. When you lose color through the natural greying process, you may lose some of that depth and shine. Grey hair color may end up having a dull, monochrome look to it once it begins to turn naturally. This absence of color and shading will immediately age you and darken your face. Lightening your grey hair color will add shine and bring in some of the richness you might lose through natural aging.

  • Vegetable dyes. If you’re going to add color and highlights with grey hair dye, use vegetable dyes. Unlike other dyes, they don’t have peroxide or ammonia. They do fade away a little faster, but vegetable dyes are easy to use at home.
  • Whitening shampoo. Take some of the more steely grey tones out of your hair with whitening shampoo for grey hair, like Phyto Phytargent, and brighten up your grey hair color.
  • Conditioner. Grey hair is commonly dryer and rougher in texture than hair that’s still naturally pigmented. You have to moisturize grey hair well with conditioner. Use something containing healthy oils to give your hair plenty of moisture; this will promote a shinier, much richer look.

Highlights and grey hair

If you’re going to add highlights to your grey hair, place them near your face. The highlights will draw light in toward your face, which is what you want people to see. This will automatically make you look a little younger than the style you get by framing your skin in steely grey. Hair color isn’t what’s really important in style; what matters is how that hair looks against your face. Hair is the frame, and your face is the portrait, so surround it in the best possible style. Coloring grey hair can be tricky when done at home, so take your time to do it carefully and choose the best shades to match your natural grey hair color.

Updated 9-1-15


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