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Leaking bladder: Does my cocktail have an impact on my bladder weakness?

Whether you enjoy a cold beer in the afternoon, or a martini in the evening, you may be surprised to learn that alcohol can affect your leaking bladder and make bladder weakness more of a struggle.

Alcohol, like beer, liquor, and wine, can increase urine production. Further, alcohol is a sedative -- just like Valium®, Librium®, Ativan®, drugs which may, according to the National Association for Continence, are drugs which may contribute to bladder weakness.

Not only is alcohol a bladder stimulant, it's also a diuretic, causing your body to flush out water through the kidneys. So it's a double whammy for those struggling with incontinence.

While there are many prescription medications for the various types of bladder weakness issues that cause a leaking bladder, there are also a variety of lifestyle changes that can help you manage your leaking bladder. When it comes to alcohol, Caring.com has some tips for making your cocktails less of an issue:

  • Choose water-based mixed drinks. For example, a gin and tonic, with lots of tonic, will be much easier on the bladder than straight whiskey.
  • Don't add insult to injury. Mixing one bladder irritant -- alcohol -- with another, such as coke or a citrus juice, will make a leaking bladder much more likely.
  • Don't have one for the road. You'll enjoy the evening more if you avoid a leaking bladder incident, even if you have to give up that second or third drink.
  • Use water as a chaser. After each serving of wine, beer, or other liquor, drink a glass of water to flush out the alcohol more quickly.

You can discover more ways you can combat bladder weakness and a leaking bladder by downloading Vibrant Nation’s special report, 5 keys to manage a leaking bladder or overactive bladder for women over 50.


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