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Kissed in My Office By a Stranger!!!

Wow......I work at a University in the Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, and students come  in to take Math placement tests on the computer; I have to sign them in, etc...

A GOOD LOOKING, sexy man came in and I knew he was close to my age; we talked for a looong time and he asked for my phone number. When he left (putting on his jacket) he turned to me, put his arms around me and gave me a......romantic kiss in the lips.

The guy is SO handsome; tall,well-dressed and he actually CALLED me last night (I didn't get the call).

After 7 years of being miserable alone.....not getting hopes up, just taking it as it comes. Don't know what to think of the whole thing; what a SHOCK! If anyone had been walking by!!

Part of me wanted to go for it....lean in, and kiss right back......


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