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It’s hard to feel sexy with a leaking bladder

By and large, women with leaking bladder problems never talk about their issue, not even with a doctor. Instead of treating urine leakage, women use absorbent padding and turn a blind eye to the problem. But you can’t always ignore bladder weakness, especially when those intimate moments arrive.

But your bladder is next to your…

According to one study, around half of all women who suffer with urine leakage and bladder weakness also have problems with their sex lives. And it’s no wonder -- how are you supposed to feel sexy with padding in your panties and the nagging fear that you could spring a leak at any moment? Your bladder and your reproductive organs are all smooshed in there together, so it’s only natural that what affects one may affect the other. The same set of muscles that support your bladder also surround the vagina, and commonly women experiencing the type of muscle damage that causes bladder weakness also find themselves suffering through painful sex because the muscles are wearing out and the vaginal walls are thinning.

Those who don’t have pain during sex still have a problem with sex and urine leakage. Women have enough to stress out about during those intimate moments. Add bladder weakness, and the plot thickens. Suppose your bladder decides to let go at the wrong time and your secret chooses to reveal itself when you’re at your most vulnerable? It’s enough to make anyone’s head swim.

The big deal

Loss of bladder control is for the very young or the very old -- at least, that’s the stigma. When you think of incontinence, it’s common to think of little old ladies with blue hair who dodder around all day and search for the Ed Sullivan show on the TV listings. The truth is, urinary incontinence -- bladder leakage -- is experienced by millions and millions of women of all ages every single day. But because of the stigma, most women are afraid to even speak about the subject. According to surveys, the majority of women who have leaking bladder and bladder weakness issues never talk about them at all, opting instead to wear protective padding. A large percentage of sufferers wear protective padding every single day of their lives to guard against leaks.

This is a huge problem for one big reason: bladder weakness is completely treatable. Most of the women who have problems with urine leakage can practice bladder control exercises, at home and on their own, to completely re-gain control of their bladders. Within a few weeks, you can get back total control of your body.

Find more ways of treating bladder weakness, and avoid all those embarrassing moments, in our free special report 5 Keys to Manage a Leaking Bladder or Overactive Bladder for Women Over 50.


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