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Is smoking contributing to your leaking bladder problems?

A study of how cigarettes affect leaking bladder issues in women could be the incentive you need to give up the cancer sticks for good. According to the research, hanging on to a smoking habit could be making bladder weakness issues even worse.

Leaking bladder? Stop smoking!

Anyone, of any age and any gender, may experience urine leakage. Women, however, experience this much more widely than men. This is because the muscles that support the bladder are the same muscles that support the vagina. Childbirth is one of the leading causes of bladder weakness problems, because vaginal delivery puts an amazing amount of stress on the muscles you depend upon to control your bladder. But even women who have never given birth may experience bladder weakness. It’s only natural for muscles to weaken with time, and that includes bladder muscles, too. You may start leaking for no apparent reason, and it is a common problem.

Simple muscle weakness may not be the only reason you’re experiencing urine leakage. Women who smoke are actually much more likely to experience incontinence, according to new research. A new study looked closely as the relationship between smoking and female bladder control, and the results are pretty surprising.

After studying female smokers and non-smokers, and their bladder weakness issues, the study concluded that urgency and frequency of urination was three times greater among women who smoked when compared to those who did not. In other words, women who smoked had to go to the ladies’ room more frequently than non-smokers of the same age. This is only one of the many negative effects that smoking has on the human body.

Next time you want to reach for your lighter, think about springing a leak – and maybe it’ll give you another incentive to stop. But if you want to re-establish control over your body and your bladder, putting down the cigarettes may not be enough to put a stop to this problem completely (but you definitely should stop!).

Re-establishing bladder control

Because it’s so common, and because incontinence products are widely pushed on commercial television, many women simply suffer with the problem in silence. They wear padding, keep track of all available restrooms and sometimes even shift and change their lives to design habits that make it easier to deal with unexpected and unwanted urine leakage.

You don’t have to do that. After you put down the cigarettes, start practicing bladder control exercises. Simple, muscle-building exercises can help strengthen the muscles around the bladder and help you gain control to stop unwanted urine leakage. Women can practice Kegels to strengthen those muscles, which are very effective as bladder control exercises.

Learn more about getting better bladder control in our free special report, 5 Keys to Manage a Leaking Bladder or Overactive Bladder for Women Over 50.


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