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Is it possible that my thermostat is broken?

I mean we know that entering menopause is likely to cause our internal temperature to fluctuate – but this is getting ridiculous!

The worst time for me is in the morning. I wake up and experience several "heat waves." Now I’m not talking about hot flashes – these are just momentary spikes in my body temperature. Doesn’t sound bad? Well think again!

I get out of the shower and dry off. I start to apply scent and layers of clothing when WHAM my temperature spikes up and I'm perspiring heavily. Now I don’t feel like getting dressed. I'd rather get undressed and get back into the shower – but I know it would just happen all over again. I absolutely hate that feeling of starting my day not completely 'shower fresh!' On top of that I'm tempted to dress for mid-summer. Even in the heart of the coldest winter the thought of sweaty wool makes me cringe – so I have to watch myself carefully or I could end up underdressed and freezing for the rest of the day!

Then I'm driving into work. Even on really cold days I leavely overcoat sitting in the passengers' seat. Does something occur at some point to put my system on red alert? Do I get cut off by another car? Not necessarily, but often I experience yet another temperature spike – this time convincing me that leaving the overcoat off has once again saved my life!

There are other times of day that the spike occurs. I know it happens most nights and I find myself changing into lighter weight sleep attire – but I think they call that 'night sweats.' I don't know if they are caused by dreams or by my sleep cycle. And I'm not sure if they're the same as the 'spike.'

The 'temp spike' will also occur if I'm rushing around – like when I’m entertaining (I no longer qualify as the hostess with the mostest, now its more like the soggy mess visibly showing her stress) , or when I’m drying my hair – which is why I always wash it at night and never during my already challenging morning ablutions.

It goes away really fast, but I’m left with a sweat mustache, soggy hair and an unclean feeling – three things that I hate a lot!

I've been supplementing hormones naturally for a long time and there's a good chance that I'm actually past menopause (they say it's hard to measure when I have a good flow of hormones in my system) so why then am I still experiencing all of this heat? Is it just that my thermostat is broken?

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