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Sharon Hackney

I Followed A Penis on Pinterest

When I got home from a long day at the hospital my beau met me at the front door with his Macbook open to my Facebook page. To my horror, I had apparently "followed" a penis page on Pinterest by mistake. I apologized to my beau assuring him that my subscription to the phallic scrapbook of heat-seeking moisture missiles was in fact a mistake. I had "followed" the wrong board and I was sorry for causing him any embarrassment. I extend the same sincere apology to my friends and fellow "Vibrant" ladies. I have followed many things in my lifetime but a penis has never been one of them. I admit that I am obsessed with reality T.V. shows, I am 13 pounds heavier than I was a year ago, and I will steal money from my new husband. But I will never wake up in the morning nor any other time of the day and decide to follow a penis. It will never happen. Therefore if you ever notice that I have "followed" anything other than great leaders, wise investors and the occasional thread on 50 Cent please contact me. My reputation as a lady and classic business woman is worth far more than an assorted collection of penises dressed up like the Village People. -sharon


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