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How to hide grey hair color in-between treatments

Keeping your natural grey hair color under wraps isn’t easy. Revealing roots tend to creep in even between regular grey hair treatments. You want to keep your style looking great…but if you’re like many women, you’ve also got a lot of other responsibilities. Instead of running to the salon every two weeks, find creative ways to hide your grey hair color in-between your regular treatments.

Keeping your grey hair color hidden

Just a hint of visible grey roots can shatter the illusion you’ve worked to create with grey hair dye. The problem with hair is that it’s constantly growing, and even a week after a grey hair treatment you can have visible greys that ruin your look. Find simple ways to keep it hidden until your next salon appointment.

  • Go short. Try a short hairstyle that makes it easier to hide your roots. Bangs and short layers are easy to play with, and you can pull off a carefree, tousled look that makes roots very difficult to see. Short, light hairstyles also look very modern, which helps you maintain a youthful style.
  • Get loose. Don’t pull your hair back away from your face, as this will only emphasize roots around your hairline. The growing grey hair color will create a noticeable contrast between skin and hair, drawing attention right to what you want to hide. Give your hair volume with curls and waves, and wear it loose so those roots are much harder to notice.
  • Mask it. Cover up your visible roots with a dab of mascara. Buy a shade of mascara that matches your colored hair and gently swipe it on those visible roots.
  • Part creatively. Part your hair differently to camouflage those roots. Change your straight part to a zigzag, so the eyes won’t naturally be drawn down a grey line that breaks up the colored locks.
  • Hair power. Colored hair powder can be applied directly to grey roots to give them color, virtually eliminating the grey hair color you don’t want others to see. Grey hair powder will wash out, and it’s a not a viable long-term solution, but it’s a convenient way to wait for your next grey hair treatment.

Flaunt it

When you get tired of hiding your grey hair color, you can always choose to show it off instead. More and more vibrant women are embracing their grey. VN member Spikeygrrl loves her natural look. “Once you get over the shock of seeing your own natural color in the mirror, you may just find that you -- and everyone around you -- are seeing a woman who is not ‘old,’ but newly and MATURELY beautiful.”

Learn more about grey hair color, whether you’re embracing it or hiding it, in our FREE REPORT: Grey hair after 50: 7 keys to styling, coloring, and caring for grey hair whether you choose to cover or embrace it.


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