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How to get rid of grey hair color at home

The average cut and color treatment at a salon may cost 50 to 250 dollars, and that’s why you need to know how to get rid of grey hair color at home. Going to the salon every 6 to 8 weeks will end up costing you hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars a year. The price of performing grey hair treatments with boxed dye is much, much lower.

Picking the Color

Many women go to the salon for their grey hair dye treatments because they want the color to look natural. It’s difficult to get a great-looking shade of color; that’s why hair stylists go to a special school to learn all about it. The average civilian is bound to have some hair mishaps when they attempt to start coloring grey hair on their own. Choose natural shades, and remember that it’s always easier to dye hair darker than lighter. Pick a color that’s going to match your skin tone; this will make it look more natural.

Applying the dye

To get truly beautiful, natural-looking color, buy two or three bottles of grey hair dye. Choose your base color, along with one a shade lighter and maybe one a shade darker. Separate 1- and 2-inch sections of hair from the rest, and use the two off shades to dye highlights and lowlights in your hair. After brushing the dye on these sections, fold a square of foil around them to separate them from the rest of the hair. This multi-tonal color effect will make your grey hair dye look rich and beautiful.

Brushing the grey hair dye directly onto your locks takes longer, but it provides much better color coverage. It can get a little messy, so you should wear gloves and cover your neck and shoulders with a towel, but the grey hair dye will be less likely to seep outside of your hairline and stain your skin.

Caring for hair

Use conditioner and shampoo for grey hair that’s specially formulated for dyed locks. These formulas have extra moisture that counter-acts the drying effect of grey hair dye. Well-moisturized hair is softer, more manageable, and the dye will stick to it more easily to create pretty, even color.

To keep your color looking good, re-apply grey hair dye every 6 to 8 weeks. In-between grey hair treatments, use touch-up kits and powder to hide your roots to stretch out treatments.

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