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How to create beautiful grey hair color

You may ditch the dye and wear your natural grey hair color, but that doesn’t mean you no longer have to care for your locks. In fact, once you go grey you might have to deal with more hair maintenance than ever. If you’re not taking good care of your grey, it won’t be very easy to love your color. Find out how to create beautiful grey hair color by making the most out of your natural shade.

Natural grey hair color

There’s no such thing as aging gracefully. If you let your hair go natural and then don’t take care of it properly, your look definitely won’t be graceful -- it’s more likely you’ll end up with yellow or blue hair instead.

  • Sealant. The sun and the environment can draw the natural blue tones out of your grey hair color, leaving you with dull or yellowy locks. Wear a hat when you’re outdoors, and put protective sealant on your hair to guard it against all those things that might cause damage. Hair sealants are as easy to use as hairspray. Once you’re done styling and ready to face the day, simply spray it lightly over your hair to keep your grey looking true and beautiful.
  • Blue. Shampoo for grey hair is made for a reason. Buy blue shampoo that keeps your grey hair color looking natural and untinted. But don’t over-use it! You need your blue shampoo for grey hair only once every week or two. Use it more than this, and your hair might start looking more blue than grey.
  • Condition. Grey hair color has lost its pigment, but it has also suffered other changes. Grey hair tends to be more dry than hair that still has pigment, and you could end up with a scalp full of crinkly, dry hairs that break easily to leave you with a frizzy, unhealthy look. Use a deep-conditioning treatment every week to keep your grey hair looking smooth and sleek.
  • Add color. Many women don’t like the look of a flat grey hair color. Try adding white highlights and deep, steel grey lowlights to bring natural-looking shades into your overall coif. The highlights and lowlights will create a rich tonality for your hair.
  • Modernize. Grey hair causes many women to grimace, because they automatically think it looks old and dated. Shake up your grey hair color by cutting your hair in a modern, trendy style. You’re never too old to be fashionable, and trendy haircuts look great in any shade of grey.
  • Shine it up. Because grey hair color tends to absorb other colors from the environment, and products can create dullness, your color may look flat and lackluster. Chemicals left behind by hair products can affect your color. Strip them away and make your grey hair color look shiny by dipping your hair in white vinegar. Rinse hair thoroughly after your vinegar soak, and condition your locks to keep them moisturized.

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