How to Choose an Eye Shadow Color That Will Make Your Eyes POP!
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How to Choose an Eye Shadow Color That Will Make Your Eyes POP!

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3 months ago

Fawn Monique has made her mark in her field and is in demand by designers during NYC Fashion Week. She travels the world teaching and inspiring makeup artists. She operates a private makeup studio in Moscow, PA, specializing in makeup education, artistry, and organic cosmetics.

Fawn shared her advice for how women 45+ can choose an eye shadow color that truly makes their eyes POP!

green_eye_detail_198802Study your eyes

Within your iris – the colored part of your eye—there’s usually one dominant color with a scattering of rings or spots of other colors. These are like “highlights” and can be used to help you decide on the right eye shadow.

“Take a mirror and look into your eyes,” Fawn advised. “Determine what colors you see. Most people have two to three flecks of color in their eyes.”

Use a color wheel

Fawn said you can use a color wheel to help you choose the right shade of eye shadow. A color wheel is an arrangement of color hues around a circle that shows the relationships between primary colors, makeup color wheelsecondary colors, tertiary colors, etc.

“Find your eye color and go diagonally across the color wheel to find your complementary eye color,” Fawn said. “Then pick a shade of shadow based on that tone.”

For example, if your eyes are blue you can place warm orange/copper tones on your eyelids to make the blue eye color pop.

“Across the color wheel from blue is orange,” she said. “Anything in the orange color family would make your blue eye color stand out. Of course, maybe you won’t choose bright orange, but you could choose a warm copper tone or a soft beige, and it will still enhance the eyes.”

She suggested that for green eyes, you should choose pink or violet tones. Those with brown eyes are very lucky when it comes to eye shadow color choices…

“Brown is neutral,” she said, “but look into the eyes and see if you have green or red tone flecks and you can do the opposite on the color wheel to enhance your personal shade of brown. For example, my eyes are an amber brown, so anything blue toned makes my eye color stand out.”

To Shimmer or Not to Shimmer

Choosing a shimmering shade of eye shadow is controversial in the Vibrant Nation community, but Fawn says you can go for it!

“…don't be afraid of the shimmer just dial back your amount of shimmer to make sure you don't add texture [wrinkles] where you don't want it to be. Creme Shimmer shadows work great for this.”

The eye shadow you choose may be determined by the event you're attending, and whether it's day or evening.

"You can choose a shadow with a shimmer or not, depending on whether you want a soft eye application or a dazzling eye application," Fawn advised. "Placing a primer (concealer/tinted moisture) under your eye shadow will help it blend better."

How did you choose your favorite eye shadow? Do you dare to shimmer?

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