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How much does breast reduction and lift surgery cost?
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How much does breast reduction and lift surgery cost?

VN Editors

1 year ago

Breast reduction and lift surgery is beneficial to emotional and physical health for many recipients. Women may choose to reduce their breast size to relieve pain or improve the aesthetics of their bodies, or for some combination of both. But health insurance companies may not cover the costs of what many consider to be an elective surgery, and plastic surgery is expensive. Is breast reduction and lift surgery at all an affordable option for you?

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Surgery costs

Plastic surgery is not cheap, but breast reduction and lift surgeries are very common procedures. Statistics show that mature, older women are getting more plastic surgeries than ever before. As plastic surgery techniques become more common and technology becomes more affordable, the price of the surgeries adjusts accordingly. Nationally in 2010, a breast reduction for women costs around $5,500. A breast lift procedure costs around $4,000. However, many different factors go into the cost of individual breast reduction and lift surgeries.

  • Size of breast. The size and shape of the breasts will affect the procedure and the outcome, which of course will affect the cost. More time may be used in an operation involving extremely large breasts, for instance.
  • Procedures. Having a breast reduction and lift surgery at the same time may increase the total cost. By most plastic surgery catalogs, breast reduction surgery and breast lift surgery are two different procedures.
  • Geography. A breast reduction and lift surgery in a posh clinic in the heart of Manhattan is likely to cost more than the same procedure at a facility that caters to moderate-income patients in the middle of Des Moines, Iowa. Where you live and where you choose to have your surgery will factor into the overall cost.
  • Type of procedure. More than one type of breast reduction and lift surgery is possible. The most traditional method involves making a 12-inch incision around each breast. Newer techniques use liposuction to reduce the size of the breast, making much smaller cuts into the skin to facilitate the procedure. Women over the age of 50 make some of the best candidates for this type of breast reduction, which may be slightly more affordable than more traditional techniques.
  • The surgeon. A world-renown plastic surgeon has the reputation to charge more for his or her surgeries. Physicians’ fees make up a huge chunk of breast reduction and lift surgery cost. By no means should you choose to go with a more inexperienced surgeon in order to save money; do this, and you may be unsatisfied with the final results. However, always use good judgment. You do not necessarily need to have a plastic surgeon fly in from Edinburgh because he pioneered the plastic surgery movement.
  • After care. If you have additional surgery to address scarring from the procedure, this will cost extra unless it is initially included as part of the surgical agreement.


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