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How I lost 65 pounds: 10 tips

I am absolutely thrilled and more motivated than ever, to think that post-menopausal me, with an incredibly stress-filled life - that I could lose 65 pounds!

A few tips I've learned along the way:

  1. Runkeeper is a great app on my phone. It has GPS and, will monitor my workout and when I'm in unfamiliar areas. The map keeps me from getting lost. (I had some wonderful, crisp, cool walks in beautiful Colorado.)
  2. A large percentage of my diet is vegan. I have virtually eliminated sweets and fried foods. Extra-virgin olive oil is the only oil I use.
  3. I mix several whole grains, chopped dates, chopped figs and chopped raw nuts in huge batches. Then I usually eat a big bowlful every day with a fresh banana, fresh pineapple mixed in Greek yogurt. Yum! I live in a very rural area and not always able to get to health food store for whole grains (I stock up when I do) so in a pinch I'll get the healthiest cereals and mix them together - but only in a pinch.
  4. [caption id="attachment_137349" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Joseph's Lavash Bread"][/caption]

    I love baked sweet potatoes and often cut up peppers and other veggies, dribble with olive oil and roast in oven.

  5. Joseph's Lavash bread makes a wonderful roll-up. I usually put in coleslaw that I buy in a bag (no dressing), fresh veggies, avocado, chopped raw cashews and dip in a sauce mixing olive oil and soy or olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Or, rinse well: canned pintos, black beans, chick peas, etc., and make a salsa to dip it in. High fiber and really satisfying.
  6. A pot of beans or soup is lovely in the winter days.
  7. I'm drinking lots of brewed tea - I discovered Teavana. It's quite a luxury for me but such a lovely ritual to prepare my tea in my lovely dragonfly cast iron pot and serve it in my cast iron cups.
  8. I eliminated almost all coffee and sodas, although I do allow some when traveling. Starbucks Skinny Cinnamon Dulce extra hot is a yummy treat.
  9. When traveling, some fitness centers will give you a free pass for a few days even though you inform them that you are not a candidate for membership. Bally's in Houston was very generous and as a result I ended up purchasing a membership for my sister-in-law.
  10. The most important thing I've learned is that my walk is my #1 priority and must be done first thing in the morning. If that means I don't get to work or don't meet other obligations, then that's what it means. I have gotten to work and met my other obligations by timing and forcing myself out of bed whether I feel like it or not. (OMG - am I growing up?)

Every day, all day, I remind myself this is not a temporary change, until I lose the weight and get off the medication fix - this is a lifestyle change that MUST continue for the rest of my life.


    [This was first posted as part of this conversation ~ Eds.]

    Share your own weight loss tips below!


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