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How I let my grown children go and set myself free: 9 ways

I finally found the secret of living a carefree life of no guilt and no regrets. I have learned how to really let my grown children go. All it takes is some quiet time and taking care of yourself. (You will realize that no one will take care of you better than yourself.)

  1. I learned to listen to their problems without offering suggestions - unless I am nearly begged for information. And even then I leave the ball in their court.
  2. I don't offer safety tips that I know work, because sometimes they don't work when they are done without faith.
  3. I allow them to bang their heads. I don't try to run ahead of them and take the blows of life's lessons.
  4. I accept their beliefs because they are theirs. I don't offer books for them to read. Instead, I read the books and smile, knowing they will want to know why.
  5. I am not available every time they need me.
  6. I feel they are on their journey, as I am on mine. Just as I drive my car where I will, they can too!
  7. I finally accept that they came through me and are really not mine to own. I don't feel responsible for their choices, be they the ones I would choose or not.
  8. I wake up not feeling any fear of accidents or trauma. I am now only a loving bystander.
  9. I still call just to say "hi" during a rainstorm. It makes me feel good to know if they are all safely in their homes. But if not, I am still okay.

I really feel free and I gave this freedom to myself.


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