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How Honest are You with Yourself?

We all do a lot of complaining about what we don't have, don't like, haven't achieved,wish were different, and believe someone or something has done to us. How often do you really get honest with yourselves and admit your part in actually creating these situations? How often do you take responsibility for your actions or inactions, attitudes, thoughts, abilities, etc., that contribute to the very things about which you complain?

If you are like most people--even like me, not often or not often enough.

This became clear to me recently. My husband and I decided to do some major work on our marriage. In the process, I had to get honest about my part in the problems we experience in our relationship. I had to take responsibility for how I contribute to creating the situations I dislike in our marriage--even his behaviors. Ouch.

On a conscious level, I've known some of this. I just wouldn't fess up...even to myself.

I can also look at my work situation. I spend a good bit of my time inspiring other people to achieve results. Yet, I don't always achieve results. I have a lot of excuses. I complain a lot about why I don't get what I want in my career. If my clients or blog readers said the same things, I would say they were just offering up excuses and make them accountable for achieving results. If I'm honest with myself, I have to take responsibility and realize I have only myself to blame for not taking action and changing my work situation.

What about you? Are you honest with yourself. Do you want to be honest with yourself? Can you look at different areas of your life and take responsibility for the fact that you are at least in part creating the things you don't have, don't like, haven't achieved, wish were different, or believe someone or something has done to you? Can you at least admit you could do something about changing these situations?

It's time to stop complaining and take responsibility. Then take action and create change.

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