How did you meet your husband(s) and tell us about your MIL

I am wondering how did these wonderful ladies meet their husbands, luck or self-esteem; second is what sort of MILaw came with the package.

I met my first husband (that's telling isn't it) in a bar.  I was 23, looked at my watch and determined it was time to be married and there HE was.  A fine binge drinker who had his mother's full support.  me --"if he is too drunk to get out of the vehicle, leave him there"  She "no no he will freeze to death", I wondered what was the question at that point.  Another time I bought the wine, she and her husband drank it -- she offered me half of her glassful.

Husband#2 was a momma's boy.  That ambilical cord needed a chainsaw.  She was (as some of you know) 5' and a size 2, wore size 4 shoes and constantly told me how hard it was to shop.  Oh yeah, let me check for reference points -- size 12 foot (there's a gift that keeps giving, grief), size 16 body 5'8" -- sure I get it.  Her beloved son took me on the same honeymoon as he had taken wife #1.  Oh my!

My son is mine only.  Sperm spent 5 years stalking us, lost in court 4 times.  When I finally faced him he was not reliable, and seemed to only criticize son to ensure dear old was always RIGHT.  His mom just ignored it, his elder brother told him to pay and participate.  He did and did not.


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