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How can i Help my daughter?

My daughter 28 and single mother of a 6 year old boy is in a awful situation. There is a pattern of depression borderline in our family including myself. My daughter is terribly depressed, not working ,and addicted to prescription drugs. On top of this she is extremely sensitive and never finished college. I take all financial reponsability for her , since she is not able to find her way. She has a low self esteem ,and has no one else to help her but me. I feel frustrated and helpless. I'm been loving and supportive to the extend I moved from another country one week ago to try to help her. She reads all types of self help books mostly spiritual books.from Deepak to Hicks and so on. She says to me she is going thru "a spiritual and she can not turn back to the waysnof this world.awakening" She is not able to take care of simple task such as administrative affairs. I'm so lost don't know where to start can someone help me?


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