Why do YOU need the perfect, go-to dress? Comment for a chance to receive your perfect dress for free!Hot Conversation

I assure you that even the most beautiful women are not pretty all over. They have merely learned to use clothes deftly enough to give others t (read more...)

Hoping this is catharticHot Conversation

Well, here we go.  I have read on this site about all the women who have had problems in their marriage and I could identify with a lot of them.  I guess I just now decided to write to get this heavy burden off my chest and to hear what you all hav (read more...)

Stepson Constantly Moving & Other TroublesHot Conversation

I am a senior citizen, on a very low SS income and am supporting my disabled husband. Where we live is my husband's aunt's place. She helped us out when we lost our home in 2011. But I digress. My stepson, who is 29, is a loving, caring, guy. But (read more...)

Spouse's relationship with female colleaguesHot Conversation

So...my husband was transferred a couple of years ago to a larger city than we're used to.  With his work environment comes a lot of female employees.  He is known for being a bull shitter...pardon my language.  When I was recently at his office w (read more...)

divorce at 70Hot Conversation

I have spent 2 years searching for an attorney that I could afford. My husband keeps his income secret. He does pay all household bills, but his retirement his 4 times my SS check. Since he is retired military and retired postal worker, both my he (read more...)

Be Careful What You Wish ForMost LikedHot Conversation

I am a great believer in the idea that our thoughts create our reality. I have seen evidence of that in my own life over and over in the past few years since I started to pay closer attention to what kinds of thoughts were running through my mind and (read more...)
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Divorce after 36 yearsMost LikedHot Conversation

My husband is leaving after 36 years together for a 40 year old.  There were problems - but I had no warning.  We have build a family, a home, and had just purchased a place to live in retirement.  I guess he didn't want me with him.  Please tell (read more...)
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Toddler Behavior BADHot Conversation

My 3yr old grandson has started hitting, biting, spitting, clawing and screams at me. He tells me I'm not his friend. Don't Talk to my mom. No you listen. My daughter allows him to do this and reprimands me by yelling at me to stop yelling at him or (read more...)

I need advice my friends Hot Conversation

I have asked my boyfriend of 2.5 years to leave my house.  He has threatened me and I am a little unsure on what to do. The threat was not bodily harm but in other words,  he said if I mess with him,  it would not be good for me. What can I (read more...)

Crinkled arm skinMost LikedHot Conversation

What works to make crinkled arm skin look better? (read more...)
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Complete Skin Care RegimeHot Conversation

I have read all the skin care reports and recommendations for us 50+ gals on this site but they all seem to be 3+ years old.  Are there any new reports out there?  As we all know we are bombarded with skin care, serums etc etc but never know what i (read more...)

The Right StuffHot Conversation

I saw a short video the other day that had the most profound effect on me. The video showed a bear in what appeared to be a zoo or an animal park. The bear was sitting on the concrete next to a pool not looking very happy. In fact, the bear's body la (read more...)

Cliques on a Volunteer BoardHot Conversation

This is not a very serious issue-but I'm wondering if other "vibrant women" have had a similar experience and how you handled it? I have been "shunned" by some of the volunteer women in the clique-yes a clique at our age! (they are the moms of the (read more...)

ex got married three months after divorce of 30 yearsHot Conversation

I'm new to VN as I was divorced in October after a 30 year marriage from when I was just 19.  My ex was cheating on me with our neighbor and now I found out he married her less than 3 months after our divorce.  I can't get him out of my head as i t (read more...)

Depressed ? Son--- how do I help? Hot Conversation

My son, 23, graduated from University in Dec 2014. For the past two years he developed an online part time business which generated a pretty decent income for a college kid. He is trying to parlay this into a full time career. He as developed terrib (read more...)

weight loss 2015Hot Conversation

I lost 9 pounds since the first of January. My goal is to lose 30 pounds this year. I am doing this by recording my food and exercise and staying within a calorie range. Any other successes?       (read more...)

downsizing!Hot Conversation

I am 53 and have lived in my home over 30 yrs, raised my son there on my own and now he is married and taking care of himself. I am tired of taking care of more home than I need and cutting grass, etc, etc. but I feel afraid to sell the house and m (read more...)

Grossed out by physical appearance of men my age.Most LikedHot Conversation

I am in my early 50"s. I am constantly told I look at least 10 years younger. Thankful and blessed. My issue is with men my age. I've looked around and it seems as though men start to fall apart around 48. Why does it seem like every man over 50 has (read more...)
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Grown Kids I give up.Most LikedHot Conversation

I have been divorced for almost 2 years. If I ever want to talk to my kids I have to text or call.  They very rarely call me.  Today was different, my daughhter who I haven't heard from in 3 weeks finally called tonight.  Ev (read more...)
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Not interested in sex....I am alone in that?Most LikedHot Conversation

I'm 67 years old.  Two years separated from an emotionally abusive man after 37  years of marriage.  But I don't think that's the point.  I'm really just not interested in having a sexual relationship and I don't miss sex one bit.  But I'm begin (read more...)
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