Worst day of my life...Hot Conversation

Everything was beautiful. The bride, the flowers, the venue, the food...my ridiculously expensive dress. What should have been a wonderful day for me too...the mother of the bride...left me feeling empty, alone, and humiliated. Let me explain, (read more...)

FillersHot Conversation

I have had my nose lines to my mouth done but I have never had m cheeks injected.  Anyone else???  It is fairly new so I am wondering if it is lumpy or what to expect?? (read more...)

Untrustworthy HusbandHot Conversation

Well ladies I'm back again...almost 2 years to the date. I guess I don't learn. I learned last week my husband has only been paying the minimum on his credit card. He's pocketing the rest for...GOLF!!! No surprise there. I know this man is no go (read more...)

when do you have sex when starting to dateHot Conversation

After 2 1/2 yrs of not really dating, healing from a bad breakup, I met a guy by chance that just flips my skirts, we' ve had 1 date, and tomorrow is date #2. first guy I've been attracted to since breakup. I'm 64 so hardly young but still not sure a (read more...)

Tell us about your favorite "me time" activity! You could win a special prize from Stouffer'sHot Conversation

Vibrant Nation members often talk about our time of life as one of celebration, new beginnings, and (in some ways, best of all) the chance to pamper and nurture ourselves after a lifetime of caring for and putting others first. Of course, our schedul (read more...)

This makes me want to become mean!Hot Conversation

I have a neighbor that has a very murky life style. Of one thing I do know is that he is trans sexual but has yet to have the operation or take the pills. He just wears a bra and speaks in falsetto.   We were kinda buddies or at least frie (read more...)

HOW DO YOU MOVE ON???Most LikedHot Conversation

It's going on three years and I still cry everyday.  I still wake up wanting my life back..... I'm 59 and I was married for 31 yrs.  Our friends new about the divorce before I did and they have let me know they are there for HIM so not only did (read more...)
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Happy stories post divorce?Hot Conversation

I really appreciate the response to my first posting.  More supportive and helpful than I ever could have expected.  Can some of you that have had a positive experience following your divorce let me know how that happened for you?  I hate to think (read more...)

depressed 20 year old daughterHot Conversation

I am at my wit's end trying to figure out what to do with my daughter. Truly, she has been high-maintenance all her life, she is beautiful (but doesn't see it), exceptionally gifted (yet grossly underachieving) and has suffered from depression since (read more...)

He walked out and won't communicateHot Conversation

My husband of nearly 20 years moved out 3 weeks ago. I am 54 and he is 46. He says he isn't sure he has enough feelings for me to fight for our marriage. He has refused to talk to me about it. He has a history of becoming very restless every couple o (read more...)

Stand DownMost LikedHot Conversation

(read more...)
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Would you like to color?Most LikedHot Conversation

(read more...)
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I really need some help here!Hot Conversation

I live in a part of the US that is smack dab in the middle. It is all flat land, vynl villages (sp?), and corn fields. I have to drive EVERYWHERE to get anywhere. Nothing is charming or vintage...it is all new and shiny and has about as much personal (read more...)

Surviving a separation in the early daysMost LikedHot Conversation

I am only recently separated from my husband of 36 years.  We have been together since I was 15 and he was 17.  He is in love with another woman and "trying to sort out his feelings".  Same story has been told many times.  My question is how do y (read more...)
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Just need thoughts from you great ladiesHot Conversation

I have been dating a man that I met online for almost three years.  He has met my family and friends, gone on trips with me, spent at least one weekend a month with me, but i have never met any of his family or friends, have never been invited to hi (read more...)

Dollar Store Beauty MaskMost LikedHot Conversation

Want radiant skin on a budget? With $5 you can create a beauty regimen that will have your skin glowing. All items can be picked up at any Dollar Store. You can use a clear soap to wash your face. Then use a small amount ( less than half a tsp) of Ba (read more...)
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False NailsHot Conversation

How old is to old to wear arcylic nails over 50? do they make your hands look older? or younger? medium length. (read more...)

Why Angelina Jolie’s Ovaries Are None of Our BusinessMost LikedHot Conversation

(read more...)
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The Mildest Thing To Shower WithHot Conversation

This is a hard question for me to talk about, but I need help so am reaching out to you girls. For the past year or so since reaching Menopause I have had an issue when showering. No matter how careful I am I still burn in the vaginal area once I a (read more...)

Losing Mom: A Life in the DetailsMost LikedHot Conversation

  In recent years, I've wondered: Is life about the big picture or is life in t (read more...)
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