Christmas AloneHot Conversation

What would you do if you realized that you were most likely going to end up spending Christmas completely alone? I was attending a performance of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" a few nights ago and realized that I have no one to spend Christmas wi (read more...)

PTSD..Please help'Hot Conversation

I am living with a husband that has ptsd.He is making my life miserable. He seems to be getting worse by the day. He is a Purple Heart vet. of VIETNAM war.We have been married 15 years..He is on medication..If you know anything  about ptsd,it is (read more...)

What have I done?Hot Conversation

I am divorced and in my mid 50's.  I have a good job and own my own condo. A few years ago I met a nice man and after dating for a year, he moved in with me.   He lost his job for about 6 months and did not contribute  money wise.  He did help (read more...)

Comment for your chance to win one Marie Callender's pie every month for a year!Hot Conversation

Secrets worth savoring: How can Marie Callender's help you ease holiday stress and create lasting memories? We love the holidays, but let's face it - they can be the busiest and most stressful (read more...)

food addictionHot Conversation

I have been reading different conversations on weight loss and I am at a loss...:(   I am totally addicted to carbs and sugar and it (they) have total control over my rational thinking process.  I just keep gaining and gaining and I feel miserable (read more...)

Son selling drugs at universityHot Conversation

I recently found out that my 20 year old son is selling drugs at university (in another town). I knew he was using pot and although I was not happy with that, I realized there was not much I could do about it since he is over 18 and not living at hom (read more...)

Win $250 for your favorite charity!Hot Conversation

Simply answer these two questions: How do you choose a charity to support? What's your favorite charity? (Be sure to include this in your comment, so we can make a donation t (read more...)

Could use your ideas or input!Hot Conversation

My husband and I own a small family farm (believe it or not a christmas tree farm) which is a very unusual business-- it's self-employment, farming/agriculture (very difficult in California) and retail sales (we sell the trees outdoors in the wint (read more...)

Move for career!Hot Conversation

I received a phone call yesterday from a former supervisor with company for whom I worked in the early to mid 2000's. (I had to leave this particular company to try to salvage the family business the ex ran into the ground). I got the business back o (read more...)

husband exwifeHot Conversation

my husband ex wife calls him once a month. she is very nousy. they do not have kids together. i feel he treats her better then me.i tried to talk to him about this and he calls me crazy. what can or should i do (read more...)

Awkward situation with DILHot Conversation

I would really appreciate any thoughts on how to handle this situation, which is totally devastating to me. Briefly, my son, dil, 2 grands and I went out for dinner on Thanksgivng as all other family were away or working. We came back to my place a (read more...)

Could you retire on $25000 a year if you had no debt?Hot Conversation

I realize that $25000 doesn't seem to be alot of money. But if you had no debt, planned to downsize to a one bedroom apartment and move to an area of the country that had a median price point how would you do it?   How many of (read more...)

Ex-sister in law is divorced from my husband's brother but is calling herself a widow and constantly posting on Facebook things that are not true. Hot Conversation

My husband's brother died in April and it was devastating to the family. He was only 50 years old and had recently become engaged to another woman who had health problems. Since his death, his ex-wife has been posting numerous writings on Facebook (read more...)

My daughter has cut us out of her lifeHot Conversation

Today is my daughters birthday. I haven't seen or heard from her in almost 5 months. I'm told that she never wants to see or hear from us again. I'm sorry that she feels this way. I know that Her Dad and I will always love her unconditionally. I'm pr (read more...)

Choosing a caring partner...live-in or otherwiseMost LikedHot Conversation

There is always discussion here about the relative merits of marriage/cohabitation, independence and growing old alone. No matter what we choose, the toughest part is finding the right person to do it with. I have no trouble living alone and may (read more...)

ConfusedHot Conversation

I have been with my husband, he is a alcoholic. When I had met him he did not drink and hadn't drank for years. i was not aware that he was an alcoholic when I got involved with him. After moving in together he starting drinking again. A glass of win (read more...)

Is This What Happy Feels Like?Most LikedHot Conversation

    The other day I found myself dancing in the kitchen (read more...)
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Wash Menopause Right out of Your HairMost LikedHot Conversation

(read more...)

Weight.Hot Conversation

I need to lose 10 lbs or maybe 15 would be better in the next 6 weeks.It is for my 40 class reunion...Does any one have any good ideas? PLEASE HELP. (read more...)

husband likes weird sexHot Conversation

my husband gets me to masturbate for him and wants me fantasize about lesbians and now i find he is watching porn and i caught him on shag book last year (read more...)
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