Coldwater Creek in Hot WaterHot Conversation

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Memoir Writing. Narcissistic or a Gift?Most LikedHot Conversation

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thinning eyebrowsMost LikedHot Conversation

what is the best makeup trick for practically nonexistent eyebrows? (read more...)
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He's Backkkkkkk!Hot Conversation

So the ex was in CA for six months on a high paying job, leaving his stuff here in an apartment.   Got a call from him where I asked where he was. He told me CA. During our telephone conversation he was willing to call in some meds for the (read more...)

Decision DilemmaHot Conversation

Hello Ladies, I was hoping I could get constructive feedback in regards to an issue I am currently faced with and torn in my decision making. After an extremely stressful year of job seeking I finally found a position and company that gave me a (read more...)

When Do You Feel Beautiful?Most LikedHot Conversation

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Can anyone recommend an effective and healthy weight loss strategy?Hot Conversation

Hello ladies, I absolutely need to lose about 50 lbs due to high blood pressure and cholesterol. I have tried diets, including Atkins with no success. I don't do well with a strict diet. I have little support from hubby who buys sweets and soda co (read more...)

Shunned by FamilyHot Conversation

Hi All, I would really apprecaite your words of wisdom. I have been dealing with what I consider a family 'crisis' since 2010. My husband and I attended a family weddng that fall as close relatives of the bride. In fact I was asked to do a reading d (read more...)

My adult married daughter is in a no win situation and the mama bear in me is begging to intervene.Hot Conversation

My beautiful daughter and her wonderful fiance married in September . One month after the wedding his parents announced they were moving to our state to be closer to their son. My daughter and son in law promptly went and rented a larger place to mov (read more...)

losing friends during divorceMost LikedHot Conversation

I am ending a 28 yr marriage. It is amicable and we are doing well with it as far as divorce goes. Both of us wanted it. Lately MY friends have dumped me for him. I'm the one not invited to parties etc. These are MY friends not his! He is very good a (read more...)
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datingMost LikedHot Conversation

What is a good way to meet a man after a 38 year marriage for a woman almost 60 years old. (read more...)
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Yoga tops with sleevesMost LikedHot Conversation

Today's featured recommendation When VN member Myrna asked, "What about yoga tops with sleeves? Not cap sleeves or long sleeves, but elbow-length ones?" she received this recommendation from Maree: (read more...)

Should I Mortgage My House To Buy A Bathing Suit?Hot Conversation

Ok so that is an exaggeration but really is it too much to ask for a bathing suit made for my pop bellied menopausal body that doesn’t cost over $100? I’m vain enough that I want to look good, I want a bathing suit that pulls in my tum (read more...)

Vibrant makeover: 70 and sensationalMost LikedHot Conversation

Thank you for sending me Barbara as a client, Vibrant Nation! (read more...)
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37 years of marriage and now nothingHot Conversation

I don't even know where to start, it seems that I am the worse person in the world. I married at the age of 16 and yes I wore rose coloured glasses believing love was the answer to everything, all arguments and misunderstandings will be solved becaus (read more...)

When grandma becomes mommy...Most LikedHot Conversation

For the past year, my dear but not-too-functional son -- now 36 --  and his beautiful daughter, almost 4 years old, have been living with me and my husband, a man who never wanted children in his life and who has completely fallen in love with this (read more...)

New here! Need lots of advice!Hot Conversation

Ladies, it's a long story but I need help! My husband left me 3 weeks ago. Married 32 years and I've been a very supportive wife. M (hubby) has had Leukemia for the past 8 years so I quit my job and we moved to a big city so that we could get him (read more...)

Reinventing myself after 23 years homeschooling!Hot Conversation

Hello Ladies, Yes, you read it right, 23 years homeschooling. I mean, who does that, right? Well, I did and I loved every minute of it. And I certainly hope my children did as well. We all have wonderful memories. Here's the question. I ne (read more...)

Please help - Scared and depressed ending a long-term marriageHot Conversation

I've been a VN member for quite a while and some may recognize me because of that.  From my previous entries you may be wondering why I label myself "scared and depressed" as I end a long-term marriage. I've been married 32 years, though we've be (read more...)

job loss after 50Most LikedHot Conversation

In September, my employer of 27 years sold his business and retired.  As part of the sale he had assured the employees that the new owner would provide us with continued employment.  Two weeks later with no notice my employment was terminated.  Th (read more...)
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