Strange way of working on a marriage???Hot Conversation

My husband of 44 years ( who has had a mistress for 7 and is still seeing her) wants to maybe come home and work it out.   Buuuut first-he wants to take me to dinner on occassion and then do what he wants in the interim,no questions asked, an (read more...)

Is this a unique experience?Hot Conversation

On December 27, 2014 we as a family of 3 went on a tenday cruise to the Caribbean. We went with another couple plus the mother. Our fifteen year old daughter shared a cabin with the mother of the other couple. The entire time of the cruise my husband (read more...)

Husband is tracking meHot Conversation

I left my husband a year ago because of his alcoholism.  Our divorce will be finalized next week.  He was very ill last fall (near death) and has been recovering slowly. He came back to work (we work together - I'm lookng for a new job) last Dec (read more...)

Leaving a Spouse with a Mental IllnessHot Conversation

I haven't spoken a lot why my marriage broke up but I think it is time now.   It will be 2 years in August that the papers where signed and the assets split 50/50. It took another year for the ex to comply and a Motion for Contempt filed f (read more...)

dating a man almost 11 years olderHot Conversation

Opinion I am recently divorced but separated years prior,.  Met a man i have been dating for over year and a half.  He is truly wonderful we have a fabulous relationship, compatiabiltiy.  etc.  I cannot find anything wrong with our relationship (read more...)

Nervous MenHot Conversation

Finally found a "normal", nice man who I am falling for. He has been married 2x and is afraid to say too much too quickly.  I am fine with taking my time.  I am enjoying the ride but I feel so up in the air.  I thought maybe he would have told me (read more...)

Breast reduction - what are the negativesHot Conversation

I am happy with my body except that my post-children breasts are saggy and too large.  They stop me from exercising/running and playing sports properly.  I would like to downsize with a reduction, but wondered if anyone has had experience with the (read more...)

Divorce and living with spouse Hot Conversation

Has anyone filed for divorce, but finances forces couple to live together until court date? This will be a hotly contested divorce, but neither of us has money to move out. We hate each other, so how can this work? (read more...)

LipstickMost LikedHot Conversation

I've always loved lipstick.  Now, at the age of 60, I keep buying different brands.  Nothing wants to stay on for any length of time.  Do any of you have this difficulty?  What lipstick works for you? (read more...)
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Asexual marriageMost LikedHot Conversation

Hi Ladies, I have been married for 25 years and recently figured out that I am asexual and my husband is very much heterosexual.  Lack of sexual fullffillment is a big issue with him and he is thinking of leaving.  We both love each other very m (read more...)
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Don't take it personallyMost LikedHot Conversation

Over the past few weeks I've been involved in several unrelated conversations that left  me wondering, "Did he/she really just say that?" There were times I felt hurt and offended, and those aren't emotions I feel very often. I found myself repla (read more...)

Ex SexHot Conversation

I've been separated from my Ex since June 2013. Our divorce was granted on April 1. I dated someone for about 8 months during that time. Last Sunday night the Ex and I were going to "meet for coffee", which then turned into "dinner", but when none of (read more...)

New job and bad memoryMost LikedHot Conversation

At 55 I am starting over with a new company in a management level position. My memory's not what it used to be. Need concrete tips on how to succeed especially since my boss is 20 years younger. (read more...)
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Dating Mr. "Back to the Future"Hot Conversation

I'm dating several people, but one man has managed to last 3 dates with me...not an easy task. We recently spent an entire day together. The music he played was all 80's. I'll admit that he took it very well when I told him I never wanted (read more...)

Worst day of my life...Most LikedHot Conversation

Everything was beautiful. The bride, the flowers, the venue, the food...my ridiculously expensive dress. What should have been a wonderful day for me too...the mother of the bride...left me feeling empty, alone, and humiliated. Let me explain, (read more...)
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Retired baby boomer wives of retired male baby boomersHot Conversation

What strategies, stress relievers do you use to keep an even keel when you get aggravated by things your husband does (or doesn't do)? (read more...)

Single RetirementHot Conversation

I have no plans for retirement. I don't know when I'll be able to...just figured I would need to work as long as I can. And as a single woman, I have no idea what I want to do when I retire. I guess I just always thought I'd have a partner to plan it (read more...)

FillersHot Conversation

I have had my nose lines to my mouth done but I have never had m cheeks injected.  Anyone else???  It is fairly new so I am wondering if it is lumpy or what to expect?? (read more...)

Untrustworthy HusbandHot Conversation

Well ladies I'm back again...almost 2 years to the date. I guess I don't learn. I learned last week my husband has only been paying the minimum on his credit card. He's pocketing the rest for...GOLF!!! No surprise there. I know this man is no go (read more...)

when do you have sex when starting to dateMost LikedHot Conversation

After 2 1/2 yrs of not really dating, healing from a bad breakup, I met a guy by chance that just flips my skirts, we' ve had 1 date, and tomorrow is date #2. first guy I've been attracted to since breakup. I'm 64 so hardly young but still not sure a (read more...)
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