Our Mess Is Our MessageMost LikedHot Conversation

In the continuing saga that is my huge de-cluttering project in my home of 14 years, I made an astonishing discovery in the big storage closet underneath the pile of Christmas decorations, a table top Christmas tree and plastic Santas. I found three (read more...)
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Found out boyfriend is married !?Hot Conversation

Hi, i have been datin a guy now for four months, i have just recently found out that he has been married for immiration purposes. He says that it is fake and not a real marriage.  Im at his house every day, he even gave me the key to (read more...)

ShampooHot Conversation

I have been using clairols shimmer lights shampoo but I find it dries my hair out. I am looking for a good shampoo for gray hair that I can use daily. I was washing my hair every few days but with working out I get very sweaty and need to shampoo dai (read more...)

Love and UnicornsHot Conversation

I really love this site.  There is so much great advice for every woman who is dating again after a long marriage or whatever reason took her out of the dating scene for a very long time.  It is, indeed a very changed place from what we knew 20 or (read more...)

The Top 8 Over 50’s Dating Turn OffsMost LikedHot Conversation

(read more...)
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Adult son with mental health problemsHot Conversation

I have my 37 year old son living with me who has several mental health issues. He is seeing a therapist. , but it is a long road of constant struggles. This has been ongoing for three years. I retired last year and never imagined that I would be a c (read more...)

Spending time with family...or not. Most LikedHot Conversation

Today I woke overwhelmed with feelings of sadness. I miss my family and they live 5 min. from me. My family is a very small one.  At 61, both my parents have passed. Both of them were only children, so sadly there are no other family members exce (read more...)
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hair cutHot Conversation

After much contemplation I finally bit the bullet and had my hair  cut  off...it is 1 inch on top and a half inch on the sides. I have been coloring my long & blonde hair for 30 years. I often wondered how much gray I have. Surprisin (read more...)

clothing colorsMost LikedHot Conversation

What clothing colors can I wear with grey hair?   (read more...)
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Advice needed: 20 year friendship dwindling with no explanationHot Conversation

I've recently moved back to the area where I grew up. I have stayed connected by email, text and phone with a very close friend I've had for 20 years. It's been more like a mother/daughter relationship so I couldn't wait to start meeting up in person (read more...)

I am now a bald headed Bi@ch!Hot Conversation

I have been substitute teaching since January.. In that time I have been called a bitch a whore a cunt a fucker a fucking (fill in the blanks) and now a bald headed bitch by kindegartenders (all male, all around 6 years of age (read more...)

son's weddingMost LikedHot Conversation

My son and I have been estranged for about 6 years. Now he's getting married in February. I have no clue if he will invite me or anyone else on my side of the family. My parents are 83 and I don't know what to do; this has hurt them enough. (His fath (read more...)
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why can't I FIND A JOBHot Conversation

I was made redundant nearly 4 years ago working as a receptionist for a world wide company for 3 years.  I became ill with a thyroid and battled for over 2 years with it before having it destroyed with radiation treatment.  I am 55, my husband work (read more...)

Spending time with ourselvesMost LikedHot Conversation

Let’s talk about one of the great truths in life: we are the best company. Of course, we are! Unfortunately, women tend to forget this and proceed to be always surrounded by friends, family, co-workers. There is time in our lives for each and every (read more...)
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What is the proper time to expect a man to call after 4 dates?Hot Conversation

New to dating after being widowed for 4 years. Met a great guy, went on 4 dates, kissed for real on the 4th date, (that's all!), but he hasn't called back and it's been a week and a half...am I so old fashioned to expect anything more? (read more...)

Son with depressionHot Conversation

I have a 30 year old son who lives 3.5 hours away from home. He never seems to be happy. Every conversation is all about how miserable he is, how he hates his job, he has nothing good in his life, etc. He has taken antidepressants before and seemed t (read more...)

3 D Cell Batteries and a Pair of Shoes LaterMost LikedHot Conversation

Several chapters ago in a long life of stories I (read more...)
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Who am I .Hot Conversation

Married 23 years and I think I should divorce? This is so unreal. He has been unemployed for 5 years. I work long hours. We have two teen children and attend church every week. We are very involved in the community. But.....he is a sponge? He drives (read more...)

feeling lostHot Conversation

My husband and I have married over26 years. Last September I happened to see his email,I found out he had joined a lot of prob sites,and was emailing women from Craig's list. He blamed this on me, he had been on heavy medication I on for the last 5 y (read more...)

What do you wear when you run out the door?Hot Conversation

I write a lot of articles about fashion for women over 50-ish. If you're heading out to the grocery store or the local mall, what do you wear?I I like a long tunic top and a pair of leggings. That's my go-to look.   &n (read more...)
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