I'm Sick of Saying Yes When All I Really Want... Hot Conversation

  is to say Hell No! The Power of NO... (read more...)

What's wrong with this pictureHot Conversation

I was married for 28 years. Found out via US mail that I was getting divorced. Then discovered he had shared that fact with my daughters 23 and 21 but asked them not tell me and let me get the papers in the mail. How in the world would they have to (read more...)

Abusively Noisy NeighborsHot Conversation

There are people, and I am one of them, who are very bothered by noise.  (Charles Dickens was another.) We moved to eight acres in a rural area to escape noise. But we moved across the road from a miserable woman who is affluent enough to spend her (read more...)

Divorce after 30 years Court BiasHot Conversation

I am going through a divorce after 30 years of marriage. We started our marriage with nothing and amassed an estate of more than 1 million dollars. Much hard work and sacrifice- I raised two kids and worked as a Registered Nurse. Husband filed in (read more...)

my daughter's angstHot Conversation

My 2014 was bleak to say the least. It was the year I formally separated from my husband of 23 years; the year i was unable to find work despite my best effort. i was glad 2015 was finally here; but am i really glad?? Well, I'm not!! And here's why (read more...)

38 years and divorcing?Most LikedHot Conversation

Needing support, encouragement, peace of mind, tips . . . . After a long marriage I am thinking of divorcing my husband.  I don't want to, but feel unloved, even though I still love him.  This was supposed to be fo (read more...)
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Hair removalMost LikedHot Conversation

Can anyone give me the name of a good product that will remove hair from my face and chin?  I just cannot afford the "NO NO" or some of the other products they advertise but I really would like to look good without a long hair sticking out of (read more...)

My dull eyesMost LikedHot Conversation

I know you cannot keep your looks forever, but in the last 5 years, boy have I changed. I have very thin eyebrows that never grew back as a teen and use to have beautiful lashes. My eyes look so dull now it has changed my entire look. People alway (read more...)
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marionette linesHot Conversation

Please help.  I have quite deep marionette lines at the side of my mouth. I hate them soooo much, but, can not afford surgery. Does anyone have any miracle tips for me? (read more...)

To live or not to live...my demographicHot Conversation

I had the most god awful Christmas and I know it is because I am turning 60 in 6 months. I wish I could blame the ex but no, I won't, he's got enough Karma to deal with for both of us. I really did a head spin. All the things I thought I would do, (read more...)

I'm BackMost LikedHot Conversation

Let me count the ways I have screwed up. No. Wait. I am an English major so I don't do numbers...I do words. I stopped participating and interacting on this site about two and a half years ago. Why? Because it was too painful for me to watch other (read more...)
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What I know about diets (and what REALLY works!)Most LikedHot Conversation

Today's Featured Comment From LuckyDuck63 (read more...)
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Six personal reasons why I have to lose weight in 2015Most LikedHot Conversation

It's the end of 2014. There's a whole new year ahead of us to start afresh. But what happen to last year's resolution to lose weight, and the (read more...)
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Love without SexHot Conversation

I'm 67 years old.  After a 37 year marriage, my husband left me because I could no longer have sexual intercourse.  After our daughter was born 36 years ago, after a hugely difficult labor, I began to get bladder infections (well ov (read more...)

5 Reasons Being An Alpha Female Doesn’t Work In Over 50’s DatingMost LikedHot Conversation

It wasn’t long ago that I was a major Alpha Female.  Not only (read more...)
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The Number 1 Way to Have THE Best New YearMost LikedHot Conversation

(read more...)
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RelationshipsHot Conversation

Since 2006 when my first love contacted me by email we have continued to stay in touch email text phone calls. We met 1x for drinks and a meal. No sex is involved. However, his marriage is in the toilet, his wife an alcoholic with a failing liver , f (read more...)

Christmas AloneMost LikedHot Conversation

What would you do if you realized that you were most likely going to end up spending Christmas completely alone? I was attending a performance of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" a few nights ago and realized that I have no one to spend Christmas wi (read more...)

Divorce with older children involvedHot Conversation

I have filed for divorce after 38 years. My grown children refuse to have anything to do with and I cannot see my grandchildren. I realize this is not about me but there reaction to my rocking the boat. I have a very good theorist but their response (read more...)

unemployedHot Conversation

i've been unemployed since May this year. before that i was unemployed since 2011. i have no income coming into my home with a son to raise. I own a home...still have a mortgage. should i sell my home? (read more...)
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