HELP! The “Interview Thank-You Letter”

How crazy is this?

Over the years I have perfected my cover letter to a point where recruiters still take notice.

I'm a seasoned customer service professional with small business and office administration skills to match.

An opportunity for corporate employment became available. While I'm not unhappy doing what I'm doing, I thought I would submit a resume and let the 'universe' take it where it's meant to be.

The major reason I even considered submitting a resume is the position is for property manager of the apartments I reside in. I'm currently self-employed and work from home.

Well, as it turns out, not only did I make the short-list, the area manager I interviewed with was very impressed.

Now, I would like to send her a "thank-you for the interview" letter and I just can not come up with something as spectacular as my cover letter.

Has anyone out there perfected a "thank-you" letter?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!





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