What is the best medicine to take for hot flashes?

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  1. Generic Image Belinda Berg says

    Sometimes I over-the-counter progesterone cream and it does seem to help.

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  2. Generic Image momily53 says

    Judy2, Please let me know when you find out. I am desperate, sitting here with my best friend “Fan”. Thanks

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  3. feebee feebee says

    In the past I have used on over the counter product called Estroven. I worked for me and I felt much better. That was awhile ago and have now found that I again am having small hot flashes and some night sweats as well as sleeping problems. I have now gone out and gotten the Estroven PM which promotes natural sleep patterns and reduces night sweats. I just started taking it last night so I do not know how it will work am hopeful, as it worked when I just took the Estroven before. It does have Black cohosh in it. You might want to try this product. You can purchace it at the pharmacy or Walmart. Good luck….i also carry a fan with me…I got it at the Dollar Store….makes me feel like a southern belle when I fan myself. I never call them hot flashes…I much prefer…my own summer…tropical heat wave….or power surges…when I am asked why I am fanning myself. Wishing you the best!

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  4. lindahawaii lindahawaii says

    One of the best natural alternatives to HRT (Hornone Replacement Therapy) is Black Cohosh. I used it for about 2 years and it curbed my hotflashes alot. The version I get is combined with soy which is also good for menopause. [EDITED BY MODERATOR]

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    • Generic Image FiftyPlusTwo says

      CVS has their own product called RE-FEM, and the active ingredient is 20mg of Black Cohosh. Works for me.

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    • Mama Millie Mama Millie says

      Black cohash is good.  However, I had to stop taking it because it clashed with prescribed medicatons.  AND it increases appitite.  You care correct though, if it does’t clash and you have no problem with weight, it works.  I will try the progesterone cream.  I did not know you could purchase it over the couner.

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  5. Essa Essa says

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