What are the best exercise videos for women over 50? I’m interested in exercises that are easy on the knees, yet will help me build a strong core and muscle. Most Liked Hot Conversation

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  1. purplefilly purplefilly says

    I was just wondering that same thing myself before I got home from a meeting I had to go to tonight.  Please help us……I want a good exercise video for our age and I also have some knee problems, arthritis in my legs (although it’s very manageable) and even have some foot problems.  Thanks……

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  2. Generic Image shirlbenn says

    I know what you mean. I have sweated it out a thousand times and still am not seeing great results. So I have decided to try what makes me feel good. And I think I found it. YOGA! Now, don’t scream at me yet. I found a DVD that is for ME and MY BODY. it is called ‘yoga, for the body you have right now.’ The lady who does it is very overweight, but I have found the actual stretching of the yoga makes me feel wonderful! I am doing a few of the yoga positions as I go, but none of them are impossible with MY body and MY age. And there is no sweet little 20 year old dancer doing them and making feel like crap because I can’t lift by feet around my neck. Look on Amazon. That is where I found it. I also found Plus Size Pilates. I haven’t tried it yet…..will keep you posted if you are interested!

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    • crystalli crystalli says

      The problem with yoga (for me) is that they want you to sit on the floor, and I can’t because of my back.  I happened to notice in the activities portion of the local paper, a class for chair yoga.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t go that night.  Have you ever heard of this?  I’d appreciate it if you have some information on this.  Glad you found something that works for you.

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    • JAZZY JAZZY says

      Thank you Shirlbenn for your advice. It is well appreciated. Yes, I am interested and would like 4 you 2 keep me posted. Have a great weekend !!!

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  3. Bekah Bekah says

    If you have a YMCA close they provide some wonderful alternatives.  They have  SilverStreakers the over 50 group  has Yoga stretch which can be done sitting and a couple of Aqua exercise programs.   They have pilates and several other programs. Cost to join is reasonable.  Check it out!

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    • JAZZY JAZZY says

      Thank you Bekah, I am interested in checking out what the YMCA has 2 offer. I like the fact that the cost 2 join is reasonable, especially in this economy. I will also inquire about senior discounts while I’m at it. Thanks 2 women such  as yourself, I am sooooooooooo glad I found this website.

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  4. susie q susie q says

    I have found a great site online ….”Mind Body and Spirit Fitness”  I have started the low impact yoga for beginners, I feel great and not sore.  Here is the link…… 

    Try it, see if you like it.  I started out with just the first 3 excercises.  (I can’t touch the floor)  Check it out.

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    • JAZZY JAZZY says

      Well thank you susue q. I will take your advice and check out the website you mentioned. I am proud of you your beginning your fitness journey. I can’t wait 2 see my own accomplishments.

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  5. Generic Image petunia says

    I like pilates.. Very good for core strengthening..

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  6. Generic Image brian williams says

    If you are interested in home exercise videos there are a lot of good reviews at http://www.fitnessgearreviewed.com/index.html

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