Weight Loss Challenge – 8/20/2010 – Week 33 Hot Conversation

This week’s topic:
Food Shopping

This week, let’s pay attention to our food purchases. What choices are we making when we go food shopping? What about when we’re at a restaurant? How many times this week will we stop at a “fast-food” joint? (Hopefully, none.)

When you shop for food this week, I want you to read the food label on everything, even if you think you already know what it says. Look, not only at the nutritional breakdown, but also at the ingredients. Pay special attention to the following:

- Salt content

- Calories

- Fats (especially saturated fats)

- Protein content

- Fiber

- The presence or absence of anything “partially hydrated”

Hopefully, you’re not buying many things that have a food label, but if you are, try scaling back and going for fresh foods instead.

Tell us how it goes. Next week, we’ll look more closely at how our food choices affect our weight loss and health.

Progress report

Friday weigh-in

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20 Responses

  1. anir anir says

    Hi trumpnetwork,

    I’m starting to sound like a broken record player.  Still at 180, no loss, no gain.

    Great idea to check the ingredients label as well as nutrition content.  Will post later on in the week.


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    • Generic Image findangel says

      Anir, you’re holding steady, and that is a good thing.  Your system is probably trying to catch up to you (that plateau thingy).  You’ll see, soon you’ll be shedding again! :)  



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  2. Evie Evie says

    Hi Trump,

    I responded to this and the electricity went out…lost it all! Dang!

    “Anywho”…Thanks for the great post, encouragement, and info! I am staying pretty steady, weight-wise. My neighbor told me that I looked like I had lost weight. Wahooo…that’s always good to hear! I must be tightening up a bit!

    I haven’t lost…maybe gained a little, BUT I am exercising, lightly…ten minute treadmill, few sit ups, light weights, bicycle, etc. I only exercise for thirty minutes, or so. I’ve been doing this about three times a week. I know this isn’t much, but it’s all I can squeeze in. Hopefully, fall will give me a breather…it’s too hot and too busy to add too much exercise  ’pain’ to my life!

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    • trumpnetwork trumpnetwork says

      Evie, ten minutes here, five minutes there, you’re doing fine. Now that I’m using the Wii Fit Plus, I see how much effort my muscles are putting out, even when I’m just standing on one foot. There’s a yoga pose that I do where I’m twisted from the waist, feet on the floor and spread apart, and my right hand is holding the outside of my left calf, with my left hand straight up in the air. (Don’t try this without seeing the actual pose, because I’m not explaining it well.) The balancing act that I’m doing sets my calf muscles a-flutter. Just 30 seconds of that pose daily gets me better stability and stronger muscles, and feeling those muscles moving against my hand lets me know that even though all I’m doing is stretching my spine, my body is getting a true workout. Keep it up, Evie. I’m sure you’re toning and ganing muscle.

      Remember, muscle weighs more than fat. Even if the scale isn’t going in the direction you want it to right now, it’s very likely you’re still losing the fat.

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      • Evie Evie says

        Thanks, Trump!  I know that MOVING is good and SITTING (too much) turns to, well…LARD! Lol 

        The Wii Fit Plus sounds like a cool way to get the ‘toning thing’ going! I see a yoga pretzel! :) Good going, girl! Burn, baby, burn!

        I also think that moving about helps us psychologically! Dormant behavior breeds lethargy on all levels. So move, move and move, some more, ladies! It’s the secret to a long, healthy life!!! Hey, I need a podium!

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      • Generic Image moongoddess says

        Use a soap box so you can get some laundry done too.  I’m hearing you loud and clear.  I’m moving but I don’t think I,m doing all the other things right ;^(

        Off to drop off some more resumes ;^))))))))

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      • Evie Evie says

        Well, I send you a big hug, MG! You got what it takes…someone will be VERY lucky to have you on their team!!!! 

        We do what we can when we can…life dictates our days, it seems!! 

        Think of you often!

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  3. Terri43 Terri43 says

    I didn’t get home to the official scale until this morning (Sun.) and am pleased to be down a pound to 188 since I didn’t eat terribly well on the Cape. (I exercised a lot.)I think my not eating well days are better than they used to be. I stop myself before I eat the whole thing and I actually binge on grapes rather than cookies!!

    I am reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. I do NOT recommend it to anyone who wants to continue however they are eating without thinking about where the food came from and what went into it, but if you are looking for information to make good food decisions, then I do recommend it. I am only finished with the first part which really looks at the history of a McDonald’s meal. Not just the ingredients, but where the ingredients came from and how they got there. You will cry over what happens to cows’ stomachs in feed lots where corn and antibiotics are fed to animals meant to eat grass. It then considers a Whole Foods meal and ends with foraging.

    The book says that we won’t buy seconds because we have that much will power, but we will eat all of a double portion if we buy it first. Therefore—the huge popcorns and sodas at the theaters. The small McDonald’s soda now is the same size as the large was in the 60′s!

    My CSA farm is still providing huge quantities of organic veggies that are picked on the morning I go get them so I don’t have to read labels to know they are good for me in many ways! I did buy a bag of potato chips to make potato chip cookies for my grandsons and I ate too many chips before I threw the rest of the chips away. Next time I will buy two or three individual packages, even though I will cringe when I think how much more I could get in a big bag for the same price.

    On labels I try to watch carbs to a degree because of Diabetes, which is more and more under control as I lose weight. But I mostly watch calories. I really try to pay attention to portion size because it is the thing I am most often WAY WRONG about estimating.  It is really irritating when something that is packaged to make you think is is one serving really is two or three servings. I see that on drink bottles and little ice cream containers, among other things.

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    • trumpnetwork trumpnetwork says

      Terri, sounds like you’ve been doing your homework on food labels for a while now. Good habit; keep at it.

      It bugs me, too, to see two or three servings in a package that I would normally this was only one serving. Most of the time, I won’t buy the item, because I know I’ll probably wind up eating the whole thing in one sitting.

      Oops, I meant to add carbs to the list of things to watch. Thanks for the reminder. You have my back, lately, and I appreciate that.

      Grapes instead of cookies! I’m with you there! Good job on the pound down. Keep going!

      I’ve placed a hold at the local library for The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Thanks for the recommendation.

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    • Generic Image moongoddess says

      I’m thinking about the chickens and the salmonella break out.  It makes you sick to see it and it doesn’t surprise me that there are problems that arise out of those conditions.  We were lucky to have a friend in Mo who raised his own chickens and ducks.  We got some fresh ones very cheaply.  They came in different colors and sizes.  They didn’t have the little stamp on them but they were the best eggs I ever ate. 

      You are doing great Terri, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing all of your knowledge with us. 



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  4. Generic Image moongoddess says

    Has anyone tried the green produce bags that claim to keep produce fresh longer?  My MIL claims they do.  They are around $12 for a package of them and are reusable. 

    Up one more dang-it.

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    • Evie Evie says

      No…but you have my attention! My produce spoils way too often!! Hmmm Thanks, MG!

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      • Terri43 Terri43 says

        My CSA farm last year did not wash the veggies – just knocked off the dirt. This year the veggies come washed and they do not last as long as the dirtly ones did!  (That is my non-scientific observation!)

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      • trumpnetwork trumpnetwork says

        Agreed. When I bring my fresh veggies home these days, I don’t wash them until I’m ready to use them. They definitely keep longer.

        That said, I’ve used those produce bags, and my experience is that they do help to keep things fresh longer. Still, I’d rather spend the $12 on more food and buy only what I plan to use in a day or three. Even if veggies still look, feel and taste fresh after a few days, they’ve lost a lot of the nutritional value we’re trying to get by eating them.

        Of course, if I had to go to a big supermarket every couple of days, it would drive me nuts. I’m lucky that Roch’s Market (smaller neighborhood market with fresh fruits and veggies) is on my way home.

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  5. Generic Image findangel says

    Sorry I haven’t been here for a bit.  I’m off to a week at a University (12 hour drive) for next week.  It’s a distance education BSW program, but for this one particular course you have to be on campus for one week, and it’s been insane trying to get it together for it.  So, I may not be here for another couple of weeks, I’m not sure.  Anyway, last week I was up one pound, and that hasn’t changed yet.  I believe I’m getting my period soon, so hopefully that’s why.

    Take care everybody, and keep up the great work!

    OH … I went to a yoga lesson yesterday.  It just might work!

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    • Evie Evie says

      Hi findangel,

      I think just checking in is good! I know I am distracted a lot and miss so many great posts!

      Good luck with your class….12 hour drive! Whew, a lot of driving, but so worthwhile for your future! :)

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  6. Generic Image findangel says

    GREAT information here everyone!  Thank you!

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  7. Terri43 Terri43 says

    Another pound gone!! Down to 187. I am amazed. My son asked me if I was still trying to lose weight and I realized I concentrate on trying to eat well and exercise a lot and the weight is the reward!! I hope it keeps going down. 

    My pool will be closed for the next two weeks for painting and I am really going to miss it. The adult lap swim is an hour long and I swim the whole time and love it. It is nothing like Anir’s open water swims because I get to hold onto a wall every 25 meters, but I can feel my arms getting stronger.

    I have noticed that my hips and bust are getting a little smaller but my waist is not losing proportionally. Has this happened to anyone else? Are there exercises that just get to the waist area? I suppose I can blame some of it on age, but I would love to be able to buy clothes easily and not have to buy things that either fit my waist or my hips but not both!!


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    • trumpnetwork trumpnetwork says

      Terri, something I heard this morning on the radio said that when we hold onto that waist area weight, it’s more related to stress than to diet and exercise. I haven’t researched this yet, but I’ve heard it before. See if you can get more rest and reduce the stressors in your life. Let us know if it makes a difference.

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  8. trumpnetwork trumpnetwork says

    Here’s a link to Week 34. See you there!

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