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I would like to ask for help with upper arm wrinkles. I do yoga daily and lift 10-lb weights every other day, but my age shows in my arms. I have tried all sorts of wrinkle creams and wraps. I now have to wear short  sleeves even in the summer to hide my ugly arms. I have tried to Google this for a remedy but can find nothing helpful. I see other ladies my age and older — 63 years young — with wrinkle-free arms. What is their secret?

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  1. Generic Image brendas8 says

    I would like to know the same myself!!!
    I too am 63, and my arms wave back at everyone!
    But..i too have tried it all,been there done that…so i am just going to take it,that its part of who i am right now,just keep on being active and enjoy everything i have at this time…even my wave back arms!

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