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I have heard others call it frozen shoulder. All I know is that I have a lot of pain in my left shoulder. I have not had an injury. I keep trying to think of things that may have started inflammation. Is it the way I sleep at night, or is my purse too heavy, does cold air blow on it from air conditioner………. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience?

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  1. Generic Image laurjoan says

    I have had tendinitis in my arms which led to frozen shoulder and its extremely painful.  I have had cordizone shots – 3 of them.  thankfully the last one took away most of the pain.  I have heard of surgery but be very careful of that.  there has been some bad reactions to that from some friends who have had it done.  After I had the cordizone shot, I started a exercise to strengthen the tendons and it was simple but effective.  It took almost 8 months from start to finish so its a very lengthy recovery.  let me know how you are progressing and if you want to know how to do this exercise that did work for me.

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  2. Teri Christian Teri Christian says

    Yes, please, what are the exercises?

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  3. Generic Image Dianah says

    I would love to know what exercises also….I have unexplained pain in my left shoulder, especially when I move my arm backwards or sleep on it…so frustrating!

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    • Generic Image laurjoan says

      okay Dianah and Teri – hope this works for you.  you do this exercise with a chair and a bucket of water or l gallon plastic jug filled with water. ( you could use a weight too if you want – start at 3 lbs). face the chair and depending on which shoulder is frozen, use opposite leg and kneel on the chair and the other leg standing straight in front of chair. bend and pick up jug or pail.  Rotate your wrist using your whole arm, to start just do 10 rotations or according to pain, maybe less or maybe more. stop and rest and try again. I would do as many reps as my pain threshold would stand but  only once a day.  It also helps to use a ice pack – not heat. heat aggravates muscles/tendons.  I hope this works for you.  I had physio therapy and it didn’t help so everyone is different but I do know its a long recovery process.  Good Luck!

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  4. Jean S. Newell Jean S. Newell says

    Hi, I too had tendinitis in my legs and bursitis in my hips.  I found a product you may want to explore. It’s a company that offers cordless heating and cooling products and its owned by a boomer nurse;  Very interesting. You’ve probably seen the heating products that go into the microwave. I’ve used them in the past for the various aches and pains I have. However this one does not contain seeds or grain like the ones I’ve used in the past. The substance in this new product is a liquid that stays hot for 3-4 hours. I’m not kidding!  They can also be kept in the refrigerator if you need cold relief.  I’ve used them with great success.Check out the design called the neck warmer. I use that one not only around my neck but on my shoulder, my hip and down my backbone. Good luck and I hope you feel better.  Here’s the website if you’re interested.

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  5. Ginger R Ginger R says

    I have had this problem with both shoulders over the past 10 years.  Surgery was recommended with the first one but I was determined not to do that.  I was referred to a massage therapist by a freind with a similar problem.  My left arm/shoulder was so bad I had to have help getting dressed as I could barely move it away from my body and forget about sleeping at night.  After 2 sessions I was getting some relief from the pain and after 3 I was able to have some movement in my arm.  It took roughly 4 months twice a week for a complete recovery.  With the right shoulder the same process took longer but has completely recovered also.  Age has a lot to do with recvery time.  I have full movement in both shoulders and no pain.  
    He explained to me that as we age, or after an injury, the fascial tissue covering the muscles in our body begins to dry out and becomes brittle and creates scar tissue.  As it contracts more and more it inhibits the nerve implulses and bloodflow to the area.  The area fills with toxins and becomes inflamed.  Once the scar tissue is broken down, the body can start to heal itself.  This process actually happens all over our bodies but is worse in the joint areas.  This same therapy can also relieve artheritis symptoms, planter fascitis, corporal tunnel and many other conditions that are usually surgically corrected.  You would have to make inquiries in your own area to find a therapist who knows how to do this procedure.  I have found that not many do.  It is different from what is usually called deep tissue massage.  At first I thought it was sort of wierd but I can attest to its effectiveness.  To me it was nothing short of a miracle.  He explained it as peeling away of layers of damaged tissue, like an onion,  to get to the muscle.  I saw many other patients come and go with the same relief I had.  One 85 year old man could barely walk with a walker and after 6 months he was practically running up and down the steps.  Good luck and I hope you can find a therapist in your area.      

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    • Generic Image rachel sally says

      what  is this particular type of massage called?i have heard of something called active release  therapy that i was told works wonders for a frozen shoulder.
      the chinese call a frozen shoulder “50 year old woman shoulder”..I got a frozen shoulder last year i think from carrying very heavy bags ALWAYS on my left makes sense,i am right handed so in order to keep my right hand free,everything went on my left shoulder,babies,books,bags.
      well the year  i went thru menopause,I got terrible immobilizing pain i!!I  tried at first acupuncture ,then chairopractics  for months,nothing worked…then an orthopedist told me surgery..something called maaniulation where they put you under and then   TEAR UP YOUR SHOULDER  and then you get physical therapy….I told him I would go to   the ends of the earth before i did that.Luckily,i had a cortizone shot and then started physical therapy,it is much much better but i was told i would be having to do exercises on a daily basis for months for it to be normal least now i can buckle my bra.

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  6. Generic Image Cindy Waters says

    I had an instance of this ailment a few years ago.  I did some yoga and I started taking a supplement called Imunotec platinum.  I suffered with it for almost a year and then it eased.  I was getting shooting pain in my shoulder if I tried to lift it straight out from my body and like you it seemed unexplained.  

    I use immunotec platinum regularly now.  It works for me in other areas too.

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  7. Generic Image lawelles says

    I had both shoulders in a frozen state for awhile – I went to a nutritionist chiro (the inflammation was being created by an underlying hormonal issue – not uncommon in women of a certain age) – With strong nutrional support and gentle physical therapy and adjusting i was back-to-battery in a short tie – AVOID surgery whenever possible, esp. in any instance that’s inflammation related, as one key cause of inflammation is stress and surgery tends to be extremely stressful.

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  8. Generic Image anitabunnie says

    I have been dealing with a “freezing” shoulder for over 10 years. About two years ago I couldn’t stand it anymore. What has worked for me to bring back flexability, range of motion and strength have been, massage therapy, active release and strength training. I still have some pain that comes and goes but I am able to use my arm again and it is 100% improved from two years ago. The active release REALLY made the difference. The other thing was also stretching your shoulder muscles. Any good therapist, chiropractor or trainer could give you the stretches needed. 2 years ago I couldn’t use my right arm (I am right handed!) to turn a steering wheel , a
    pull a blanket over me while laying in bed or even reach up my back to shower or undo a bra. I have no problem doing those things now! Good luck!

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  9. Generic Image anitabunnie says

    I also wanted to say that a Freezing shoulder usually impacts your less dominant arm, and there is usually no known cause for it. Don’t baby it , use it! (advice from my chiropractor who performed active release) I also find doing stretches every day in the shower works best. As you warm the muscles and they are more flexible there.

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  10. Deborah the Stretch Queen Deborah the Stretch Queen says

    I’ve been keeping up with this post, but I’m under the weather with a summer cold, so I haven’t added my 2 cents to the mix.  As a Personal Trainer who specializes in Stretching and a Massage Therapist there is some good information posted here but also some misinformation too.
    First, there is no true specific diagnosis as Frozen Shoulder.  What the diagnosis “Frozen Shoulder” is based on is a painful shoulder with limited range of motion.
    Second, the primary muscle involved in the Frozen Shoulder diagnosis is the Subscapularis muscle. This is the muscle located under the shoulder blade.  To prevent pain we limit motion of the arm and shoulder and that increases the limit of how much we can move our shoulder.  A vicious cycle.
    What can help is Improved posture, bringing the shoulders back and standing up straight- avoiding the “slumped” forward posture.  Massage with a good therapist who does subscapularis muscle work.  Lastly and most importantly is stretching, here are 2 helpful ones.
    Arm Circles
    Pectoialis Stretch

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    • Teri Christian Teri Christian says

      Thank you everyone. Deborah, I’m going to try your stretches. I sit at a keyboard all day and sometimes type for hours. You’re right, I am hunched over A LOT and my posture is not good. I also have a long commute. I do have a massage therapist that I have not used for a long while. I’m going to give her a call today!!! Tha pain is consuming me, it doesnt let up.

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  11. Deborah the Stretch Queen Deborah the Stretch Queen says

    Good luck Teri,  sometimes when we get shoulder pain (and it can be caused by many things) it can take a while to get better.  Often I have to use a “shot gun” approach and treat all the muscles in the shoulder.  Massage, stretching and improving your posture are all winners.

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    • Teri Christian Teri Christian says

      I have been doing the stretches you suggested. The arm circles are the bomb. My shoulder had a short immediate relief from that stretch. I’ve also had to increase my ibuprofen, it seems to be the only pain reliever that has an effect. Going into the third week with this, but I definitely see a light at the end od the tunnel. I have already passes on your wonderful stretches to some of my friends. There is truth to the saying “You take your health for granted until you don’t have it”. Here’s to good health to all of us.

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