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From Vera Ciganik

This is just a suggestion for lunch packing. I use paper bags mostly. There are also some plastics containers that are safer than the others (each plastic container right on the bottom should have a number witch indicates the levels of BPA ).

The best way to store food is in glass containers. Especially if the food is meant to be stored for a long period of time. I use it for freezing, for storing flour, beans, coffee, etc., and microwaving (use only the microwave safe ). I no longer use plastic mixing bowls or utensils and cutting boards. I would never use any plastic containers (I mean any, no matter how safe it is said to be)  to warm up my food in the microwave.

Many studies are showing that harmful chemicals from plastics leak into food while in process of heating in the microwave. The same finding applies to prolonged food storage in plastic.

At the beginning of changing my lifestyle, I was very frustrated with myself because I did not know how to do this and that or where to get this or that, never mind time consuming. It took me a long time to figure things out. Six years to be honest.

Today, I am glad I did it.

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