Pay Attention to Yourself

These lovely pink pumpkins represent our commitment to fighting breast cancer.

But are we committed to fighting for our own personal health needs?

The recent post on making yourself a priority is the essence of better health. Better health equals a better future! No matter how much money we have, or how successful we are, without our health, our life will never reach its potential.

My biggest health challenge personally, is controlling my stress.

We know and have heard a zillion times that stress is a killer. But how do we really process this fact into our daily care of controlling our own crazy, out of whack lives that even though sedentary, our mind is still on over drive? Some folks very seldom shut or turn their mind off believing this is “their normal.”

Well, for me, when I get in that mind mode of spinning and spinning I have to call it what it is…STRESS. And oh my, there are definitely physical consequences especially “at my age”.

Mary M. Maynard, RN CHTP, of says that for every thought we have, a chemical response is produced in our bodies. YIKES! Holy Cow..that is profound info for sure.

“Normally” I walk and do yoga to relieve my stress among other reasons. But this last 6 months of getting this new site up and learning more and more technical skills and social media, I have not made the time for myself or have not taken my own advice on paying attention to Mitzi by allowing other demands to push out time for myself…a big mistake. I lost my own personal battle on fighting stress by excusing other demands as more important than taking care of myself.

So now, in addition to my daily spiritual meditation time, I am committed to making myself a priority by getting a monthly massage, making my walks and yoga time happen, and taking time to just be and enjoy my life.

And my really big biggie is to think about what I am thinking about. Only, me, myself, and I can control Mitzi’s thoughts.

There will be a plethora of posts on stress on my site. But for now, just know,


Living and loving life together,


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  1. Generic Image Darcy09 says

    There is a book, The Mindful Path of Self Compassion by christopher k Germer.  It is a wonderful book of how to be thoughtful to yourself.  Where to look for signs of thoughtlessness to ourselves and how to retrain the mind.

    I also caught a Dr Oz segment on “binaural hearing”.  It is a two frequency sound experience, one frequency per ear and the sounds blend to calm the mind (and enhance spirituality).  It is very like the Om sounds recorded in the great pyramid .. quite a feat given the acoustics (echo effect).  

    The best part of the sounds, google Binaural sounds, or click on Oz website for a link, is that it puts tinntinitis (?) at bay.  The sounds match the hertz frequency of the ringing in the ear frequency and when it is matched the ringing disappears for awhile (or hopefully longer).

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  2. Generic Image Anonymous says

    Hi folks, I really enjoy the articles in Vibrant Nation but I’d like to point out one omnipresent error in them, e.g. in this sentence: And oh my, there are definitely physical consequences especially “at my age”. Quotation marks ALWAYS come after periods and commas. If you control this it won’t be like someone poking her finger in my eye each time I read your magazine.
    Best wishes from your English professor fan

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  3. Generic Image Darcy09 says

    I was “my understanding” the period ended the sentence, and would be inside quotation marks when the whole sentence is a quote.

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  4. Generic Image Anonymous says

    No, your theory would be logical but we can’t use logic with the English language. However, as you state, the British do use this method; Americans always put quotation marks after periods and commas.

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  5. CBW CBW says

    Another English teacher here.  It is my observation that the rule cited by Anonymous applies as she states, with punctuation inside the quotation mark.

    But that adds stress to Mitzi and all who post.  While I sometimes cringe at the way something is written, I always appreciate the thought and courage of putting comments on this site.  I tell my proofreader’s brain to turn off, and continue to read.  Try it Anonymous.  It can be done.

    To Mitzi:  when my thoughts wander and cycle and even loop, I let them for a bit.  Then I try the reminder chant from Ram Dass, “Be here.  Be here now.”  If that does not work, then I internally scream “STOP!” when the loops continue.  This is followed by a few minutes of deep mindful breathing to reset myself, along with pleasant thoughts and observations.

    I’ve learned that mindfulness is valuable along with concentrating on deep breathing and makes a difference to me.

    You might want to try weekly massages to reset your body, then wean down to once a month.  Just paying attention to body reactions makes a big difference.  Practice being kind to yourself first and foremost. Best wishes!

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  6. Generic Image MarMar says

    Omnipresent, I know what it means, but the use in your comment seems a little over the top. I agree with another post, read for the message and  don’t let format, grammar and punctuation get in the way. I shudder to think what writing will resort to over the next few decades since the tech world is slowly eliminating books, and newspapers. There is a new literary world emerging whether you like or not and the younger generation will communicate very differently. I am sad to see our newspapers shrink, our libraries struggling and wonderful booksellers closing their doors. All the pictures of my grandchildren come to me digitally, no more snapshots to put in the album. The world is changing like it or not. I will embrace the message and not the mechanics and adjust since there is no choice.

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