Top 5 Reasons Menopause is Misunderstood and What People Think It Is Most Liked

5. Not everyone else in the world is experiencing menopause with you so they have no idea about your symptoms. They think you have gone bonkers, crazy, weird, odd, off your rocker or all the above. Is it a disease state like a thyroid condition? No it is Menopause.

4. Men don’t experience menopause. If they want to explain some different or reactionary behavior, they chalk it up to a ‘mid life crisis’.  That does sound so much better especially when he tosses aside  the first wife and children and marries a woman 20 years younger than him because she, wait for it, ‘makes him feel young’! Is it a mid life crisis? Are you like your male friends and experiencing a mid life crisis also? No it is Menopause.

3. The kids are gone (or so you hope) and you are left with the spouse, partner, dog or cat. You have worked 25 or 30 years at your profession. According to your friends, co-workers, spouse, partner or kids you are acting different. Is it Empty Nest Syndrome? Looking forward/dreading Retirement? No it is Menopause.

2. Are you more outspoken, or more opinionated than you used to be? Do you have a more devil may care attitude. Do you lose interest quickly if your kids, friends, spouse or partner don’t succinctly come to the point about what they are talking about?  Are you suffering from some attention deficit disorder?           No it is menopause.

1. DENIAL. Yes denial is the number one reason, #1, Numero Uno; The reason menopause is misunderstood by everyone. All women think they are too young, too healthy or too busy and that it just won’t happen to them. Living in a state of denial can really blindside you stupid. Estrogen diminishes, menopause happens, get a grip and get with the program! It is MENOPAUSE.

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  1. GloJean GloJean says

    I remember when my period started to stop…first one big heavy monthly then the next month, nothing!  I went to the Dr for a checkup and she verified that it was happening.  I was OVERJOYED!  No more periods! No more monthly mess!  Yes, I had hot flashes, but I would trade them anyday to get rid of the periods!  Well, the Dr started writing me various prescriptions including HRT.  I said “Are you kidding?”  Menopause is not a disease!  It’s a natural part of life, get over it.  She was furious at me and wrote on my record that I had refused her prescriptions!  Well, come to find out later that HRT is dangerous and only should be prescribed for difficult situations, not for normal menopause.  I realize that there are those of you out there who have other complications while dealing with menopause and have to have medications.  But for a normal change, get healthy, exercise and keep busy with an interest in life.

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    • Generic Image HawksPoint says

      I had a similar experience with my doctor. What surprised me the most was her reaction to my delight! Grumpy would be a good description, but then again, she is 10 years younger than I am and perhaps there was some envy? I asked her why she felt that I would need medication, was there something wrong with me? No, nothing wrong, but I would need to “alleviate” my symptoms … what symptoms? Hot flashes? I live in Florida, hot flashes are normal for me. Mood swings?  Oh really? You should have seen what I battled with for 35+ years! Trouble sleeping? Compared to having to get up nights to change pads and tampons, dealing with an Asperger spouse, raising two kids … if I have trouble sleeping I get up and listen to an audio book or read, no big deal. But there isn’t actually anything WRONG with me, yay!
      For 30+ years I had my period for 10 days or more every month, often with heavy cramping … it took me several cautious months to believe my luck, running around with tampons and pads in my purse “just in case”. I welcomed menopause with all its hot flashes, and other, to me, minor inconveniences with open arms. Compared to the heavy cramping 10+ miserable days every month, menopause is a welcome change.

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  2. Generic Image Anne Vaillancourt says

    In cultures where aging women are actually given positions of reverence and importance, the symptoms of menopause are much better tolerated by these women. Unfortunately in our youth driven culture, we menopausal women are often seen as troubled at best. Embracing this time for ourselves, and taking care to de-stress, eat well, be physically active in a manner you enjoy; can go a long way to helping accept this time of life with joy instead of dread.

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  3. Haralee Haralee says

    Anne and Glo you are right on the money!

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  4. Generic Image J Anne says

    I am astounded by how many of my girlfriends are in denial about menopause!  We’re a very educated bunch and have had the benefit of ample information and openness – but, “no, no, it’s not  menopause - I’m only 52 – why would that be happening?”  It’s insane!  I’ve been taking stock of my menopausal journey, changing my life accordingly, and seeking help as needed (I am on bioidentical hormones, which are a goddess-send for me).  It’s been a bumpy ride for me and I’m glad to have the wealth of resources that women of our generation have.     

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    • Haralee Haralee says

      Denial, or I like to say The River Da Nile, is wide and deep and many of my sisters are basking on the shores or drowning. I say Come out and accept your life!
      You are in reality J Anne, a good example for your friends.

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  5. Generic Image rachel sally says

    Please tell me more about the bioidentical hormones…I have been having terrible depression,insomnia,anxiety.I had my period until the age of 58;i had retired and was happily esconsed in activity until all the kids were gone from the house and yes i was left with the dog and a sickly,complaining husband.then the darkness started.I went from an active,interested woman to a dark,sad slug.
    yes,i finally ended up going to a psychaitrist and am now on prozac.However,i dont want to be on antidepressants. I live in new jersey..are thereany good doctors here who deal in bioidenticals?

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