hormone replacement after 60?

I have been wanting to ask this for some time now, so here goes. I just turned 64 as of yesterday.

Now, I went to my new doctor today and I wanted to find out just how long do women take HRT?

I am still taking it, and as she said I am taking the dosage that a 40 yo women with full blown menopause would take!!

She suggested i wean off slowly,and gave me a perscription for a slightly lower dose to take,,,,

No one ever told me that. I just assumed it was for life??

Maybe that will explain a lot of mood swings I am having lately?

Miss b

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  1. ThurmanLady ThurmanLady says

    I tend to be one of those natural types and wouldn’t have taken HRT unless something major was wrong – and I mean major.  First, I don’t believe it’s good for you; second, if for some reason I had needed it, I’d have been back off it ASAP.  I’m glad you saw a new doctor, as I suggested to you in your last post; I think 20 years is a long time.
    Since I don’t know much about it, I looked up a bit of information.  This link, from the Mayo Clinic, may help: Hormone therapy.  From skimming the article, I’m glad your new doctor is weaning you off. ♥

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  2. Generic Image brendas8 says

    Thank you Thurmanlady!

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  3. Robin Donovan, Menologues Robin Donovan, Menologues says

    I have been taking HRT in one form or another for over 10 years. I’m nowhere near ready to quit. I take a custom formulated troche that gives me the exact levels of the various hormones that my system needs. I feel vibrant as opposed to like a little old lady (which was how I felt without them) when I take them. I have read from highly respected sources that bio-identical hormones which are not given in ridiculously high dosages can help you avoid most cancers and heart disease. Dosages that are too high can be lethal. My own Mom stopped taking estrogen when she was in her 70′s – she saw too many friends bent into the shape of an ‘S’ not to want some help with her hormones. When she finally went off them she started having hot flashes all over again. I think she might have gone off too soon or too drastically. I do think that everyone is different. They’re not right for everyone.

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  4. Generic Image brendas8 says

    I think the key here,is slowly!
    No,i dont want to be an S lady,i still plan to take them,but more of my age dosage..

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  5. Generic Image JR says

    I am almost 66 and have not taken hormones in 10 years. My thyroid doctor says I would feel a lot better if I take them but I am afraid of gaining weight. He wants me to take Bioidentical hormones….any suggestions?

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