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October 2007, I had a bad fall at school. One of my autistic kids was too far from the rest of the class. I ran, fell, and got the diagnosis after CAT scans and an MRI. Two “bad” hips needed replacing. My BMI was about 25.5 then. Forward to October 2011, a total of four years without hip replacement surgery and lots of pain, especially at night. I decided that a vegan diet and Zumba might help. I was right on both counts. Tonight, at age 65, I will Zumba dance for an hour with those in their 20′s. I will come home and eat a no-added-fat vegan meal. At 5’8″ now (shrunk over an inch) I have dropped to my weight at age 14 – 138 lbs. This seems to be working for me – thinner and nearly pain free.

What has worked for you?

5 Keys to Knee Pain Relief Without Surgery

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  1. Hawk Lady Hawk Lady says

    You go! I am a firm believer in exercise. Out bodies are designed to move – and often!

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  2. Marjizumba Marjizumba says

    I had the same experience. Bad back, hips and knees. I also implemented a plant based diet and am now an enthusiastic Zumba instructor for Zumba Gold classes. I am 62. Zumba is a lifesaver for me.

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  3. Generic Image Linda says

    Hip replacement was a life saver for me. I was bone on bone. No cartilage. Constant pain. I exercise, always have. Nothing helped relieve pain. Best thing I ever did. It’s genetic. My sister had the same thing at 54 years old, like me.

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  4. Jennie Jennie says

     I am interested in Zumba; but I heard it can create some injuries; sounds like you are doing well, and you look great,and we are the same age!

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  5. Generic Image tea4me says

    I do Zumba and yoga now, and before that it was Jazzercise.  I am 60 and started with aerobic dance in my 20′s.  To me lots of movement is like “oiling” my joints.  I do have to avoid certain twisty steps in Zumba or I will get pain in my knees.   Recently I went through a period of time just walking and some yoga and my joints really stiffened up and felt more arthritic.

    I have always had the metabolism of a slug and now that I am older I am not sure I have any metabolism at all!  I am not thin, but I think all the exercise helps me to not be heavier.  I have many very heavy women on both sides of my family.  I eat a healthy diet, but a vegan life is not for me!

    As Linda commented on her hip replacement surgery, I know people who have had it and it has changed their lives for the better.  Whether or not a class like Zumba will help depends on what hip problem you have.

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  6. Jennie Jennie says

    How great to read this: I have a high metabolism, and thankfully, there is nothing wrong with my hips; however, I have heard Zumba is a wonderful form of cardio as well as body molding; I also do yoga  and light weight lifting.  Thanks so much for your wonderful comment.

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  7. Generic Image kanmko says

    Go ‘head girlfriend. For me it was two pulled quads that stopped me in my tracks ~3years ago. It took me a year before I could get on my knees. The injury affected my legs from my thighs to my arches and toes. I still wear arch supports.

    I’m mostly back in action again, eating healthy, but I’m looking at your zumba suggestion. I’m feeling the dance in my step again, and not necessarily with a partner yet. Thanks.

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  8. tree tree says

    AWESOME!!  I to have found that exercising is the best remedy for everything.  I’ve joined a Crossfit box (gym).  I love every minute that I am there.  Most of their memebers are 37 and younger…and then there is me.  Who knew at the age of 53 that I would be doing military pushups, bench pressing 110 lbs etc.  I sleep all night, wake refreshed and ready for the day.  

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  9. Jennie Jennie says

    Hey, Tree, that is amazing~

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  10. tree tree says

    Thanks Jennie….I am amazed myself!   The coaches at the box push me everyday because they know I have the drive and determination to do it. 

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    • Jennie Jennie says

      Tree, people who do the nearly impossible things in life win my respect and admiration; sometimes, we also need a ‘cheering gallery,” too.

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  11. tree tree says

    My journey for exercising brought me to something I never thought I could do.  With reluctance I joined 100+ Crossfitters and did a WOD (workout of the day) at a beach in Evanston, Il.  To my amazement and alot of others I was able to keep up with the WOD and carry a friend 200 ft. on my back 4 times….Andy weighed 185 lbs.  It was the most eye opening experience I had. 

    To all, find a Crossfit box and you too will also be amazed at the support you receive from everyone.

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  12. Jacquie Mackenzie Jacquie Mackenzie says

    All of you are an amazing inspiration. This is the most emotionally supportive site on the web for us gals!

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