I want to ride horses in Montana.

Does anyone have any suggestions for ranches where I could realize this fantasy?  I’ve come across a variety of price ranges but would like to know if anyone has personal experience. I’m also an “ok” rider — probably wouldn’t hurt to take a lesson.  This might make a difference where I choose.

I’m hoping for next summer…


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  1. Sweetmom56 Sweetmom56 says

    Hey Pam,  I went to Big Sky for a week back in 2000.  There were two stables that I rode out of.  Going across the hills was breathtaking.  My son rode also, did some fly fishing, went river rafting, and touring Yellowstone (40 miles south).  It was great to be on our own schedule.  If you want the true cowboy experience then search http://www.montana-dude-ranches.com/.  I worked on a guest ranch in California years ago.  It was a little more sophisticated but still was a working cattle ranch with horseback rides in the hills.

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  2. jbfox jbfox says

    Pam with whom are you going riding? I have a dream of “hiking” on horse back in Montana but have never realized it because I have no one to go with. I hike with a local hiking club but just can’t seem to find anyone to who has a dream of horse back riding in Montana.

    I thought I would die of jealousy when I read The Horse Whisperer, a love story in Montana with horses.

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    • Generic Image PamD says

      Hi JB,  Wow, that’s a similar dream to mine how cool.  I’m not sure I’m that good a rider any more but hope to be able to take a lesson or two before any trips. 

      Right now I have tentative plans with two women friends who both ride horses.  It will be challenging getting them to commit to the same timeframe though one is in Canada the other in SC. 

      I see you are in the DC area which is pretty close to me. What hiking club do you go with?  Maybe I can hitch a hike with the club sometime and we can chat more about Montana?


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      • jbfox jbfox says

        Actually Pam the Washington I live in is the state, not the city. :(

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      • Generic Image PamD says

        Oops, okay, so now I’m just jealous.  I miss the west coast — lived in SF for 16 years. 

        Have you done any research on horseback camping or know of any outfits that do it? 

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  3. Weslemkoon Weslemkoon says

    isnt it amazing how many have the dream,,as long as I can remeber I have wanted to ride on a cattledrive or dude ranch or ANYTHING that has to do with horses…I live in Canada also..Cant wait till my dream comes true !!

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  4. Generic Image Susan K says

    I grew up in Montana and it depends where you want to go.  You might try Chico Hot Springs near Livingston Mt.  Fabulous food, horsebackriding, hot pools outdoors for afterward. They probably have a webpage.  There are definitely many in Mt.  There is also Eaton’s Ranch in Wyoming. I think they have a webpage too.   Enjoy.

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  5. Generic Image Marilyn6 says

    If you care to come North across the border, Warner Stable in Banff Alberta is a first class riding stable with a variety of opportunities to ride into the mountains; some of the most beautiful, pristine places to ride. 

    They offer several days in the saddle with the best guides to get you there and back safely and the horses are also well schooled.  An experience to create memories to last.

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  6. Generic Image Elizabeth says

    OMG would also love to do that.  I love the outdoors, camping, hiking and horses.  I bought my daughter a horse when she was 12, another story since she is 37 now.  But even at 65 i want to adventure and ride and especially would like Montana.  My Father grew up in Montana from Hungary, they homesteded.  I’ve been there before when I was young and loved it.  I did go to Utah last month to camp and hike with the Women in the Wilderness ages 28, 30, 43, 52, 55 and me but they are not into horses.  One was the first woman to back pack alone the Applachian Trail, two of them are a team and do those long distance competitions.  Really was something trying to keep up with those young girls and me coming from Florida, never before hiking so many feet up mostly kept up with them.  i am also an OK rider and know since i don’t ride now how sore i would be from just 1 day of riding all day.  but that’s OK. Last time i was on a horse was 3 years ago at the Red Mountain near Las Vegas.  Was a bit scarey but those rental horses know when to back off.  My husband has ALS but I get away every 6 months.  So if you find out something and want some company for an adventure with horses, let me know.  Sandy

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