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Does anyone my age (or about) still have hot flashes? Also, has anyone continued to be hotter than normal all the time after menopause has finished? My doctor says this is not abnormal, that many women have this and that there are no meds for it. My body temp never went back to what I considered normal. I’m always warm now. It’s nice in the winter but i live in Florida. Help anyone? I was on HRT for almost 20 years and decided it was time to quit and my Dr. agreed.

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  1. Deanie Deanie says

    I am 68 and still have occasional hot flashes.  Usually after having a second cup of hot tea or coffee.  I have continued feeling overly warm most of the time although my actual temperature is usually 97.8.  I always layer myself.  If I wear a sweater I have to be able to take it off.  Sometimes I throw the covers off at night too.  I don’t get all flushed and sweaty like I used to with hot flashes.  Now they are rather mild.  I have improved somewhat now that I am taking a low dose of thyroid.  You might want to have that checked.  

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    • Deidre Deidre says

      Thanks for your response Deanie. It seems my condition is close to what you are having. I always layer too, have to throw the covers off at night and like you they aren’t as bad as in my 50′s but stilll there. I frequently have them in the early evening after dinner and when I sit down to relax then they come. I think my body knows that I want to relax and says “no you aren’t!”. I am so glad I am not the only one. If you have any helpful hints please let me know.

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  2. Lynnette Lynnette says

    i am 59 and have been in menopause for 10 years.  The hot flashes were not a problem before, they are now worse than ever.  Is there an end to this?  I will tell u when if and when it ends.

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    • Deidre Deidre says

      Thanks for your reply Lynnette. I never had hot flashes that were terrible, just plain annoying but it has lasted probably 15 or more years. Do you take anything such as HRT or herbal remedies? I do not want to go back on HRT but it sure did help.

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      • Lynnette Lynnette says

        NO, no hormones, although i do vagifem.  I can bear the hot flashes, my office is usually super cold (not by my doing) and my house is comfortable as well with A/C all day and nite.  I just came from walking outside there is a nice breeze in Miami/Pembroke Pines, that in itself is a miracle.  I guess the hurricanes in the Atlantic are doing something good.

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  3. Stellaaa Stellaaa says

    My advice is get out of Florida :-)

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