Helen Mirren is the “Body of the Year”! Do you agree? Most Liked

66-year-old Helen Mirren was just named “Body of the Year” based on a survey sponsored by the gym chain L.A. Fitness.

Helen Mirren was chosen by the survey respondents over runners-up like Jennifer Lopez, Pippa Middleton, and Elle MacPherson.

Does Helen Mirren deserve to be named the Body of the Year?

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4 Responses

  1. Generic Image Stevie says

    I don’t think anybody deserves to be named Body of the Year. 

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  2. Generic Image Merle says

    What, we didn’t get enough of comparing and judging ourselves in high school? We have to continue to do it for the entirety of our lives?

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  3. sunsetwriter sunsetwriter says

    I think that is great! We don’t all have to be in her shape, we are individuals, after all….but it is wonderful to see women “of a certain age” being appreciated at every level. She did not put herself up for this, she was chosen. Her confidence and her amazing talent are the reason I think she is a role model for many….

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  4. Debi Drecksler Debi Drecksler says

    I love Helen Mirren but I have a problem with surveys like this.

    I started the Debi Drecksler Authentic Me Campaign to redefine the word BEAUTY in this country. 

    I believe that beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Not everyone is a size 3. I think more importantly, we should emphasize ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

    I realize that this survey was conducted by a gym which explains the emphasis on the “perfect” body.

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