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After watching the Olympics and listening to the athletes stories I am more inspired than ever to get into shape and stay young. I have always been fairly thin and blamed age and being busy for not exercising. Now I know I have no excuse and I can be in great shape and health no matter how old I am. Just because we are over 50 doesn’t mean we can’t still look great. I have made a pledge to myself to be in the best shape I can at 60 and beyond. I would love to hear how other women are keeping in shape and staying young.

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  1. Linny the Poo Linny the Poo says

    Glad to hear it. The trick is making exercise part of your daily routine. I am a retired personal trainer/nutritionist. I still exercise every day I got hooked on exercise when I broke both ankles and couldnt dance any longer. Whatever gets you going is a good thing. Taking a walk with a friend is always a good start or hire personal trainer.

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    • Uma Uma says

      Hello Linny the Poo ( that) as a personal trainer what would you suggest for someone that has to work over 40 hours a week still has teenage boys at home is a single parent and feels exhausted all the time.

      I walk the dog every day and that is the only exercise I can manage no less than 30 minutes a day.  I have to conserve my energy for work because I could be on my feet for 7-9 hours and I work a lot of nights.

      I have always struggled with that 20 pounds but each year I cur come to 5 to 10 more now I find myself needing to lose 30 to get to where I would like to be.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

      I used to be an aerobics instructor and did body sculpture but that was 25 years ago I have always been active but since my 50′s I have no energy surprisingly most ppl mistake me for yearly 40′s at least 7-10 years younger… that’s a good thing but the weight is really bothering me now because it is all starting to settle in my gut…. it isn’t even a stomach any more it is a gut…

      thank you for taking the time to read this have a great day.


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  2. Generic Image Cher55 says

    Hi,   I walk with some friends a couple times a week, use my treadmill, and just started spinning (indoor bike) to give my knees and hips a break.  I’m usually dripping by the time I get off the bike, so it’s a great workout.  You can totally do this, and you really only need a good pair of shoes!

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  3. Jwin Jwin says

    I stay in shape by using workout DVDs.  I purchase a new one every month or so and I have quite a library of dance, step and strength training workouts.  The key is to find routines you love to do.  I get up early in the morning to do around an hour workout a day six days a week.

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    • warriorwoman warriorwoman says

      I love this. I got myself some Dancing with the Stars workout cd’s. They are so much fun and I can learn some dance steps at the same time.


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      • Jwin Jwin says

        ARtismylife….Me too!  Did you try the new one…”Dancing off the Pounds?” (Kym Johnson, Lacey Schwimmer, Dimetry) and the Dance Julianne Cardio Balllroom?  They are really fun; I’m a “Dancing with the Stars” fan anyways!

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      • warriorwoman warriorwoman says

        No I haven’t. I am lucky that taking weight off is not a problem for me. I have actually been very complacent about staying in shape because of that. But now I am noticing other things about an aging body that I don’t like, so I want to tone up so that I don’t look 80 at 55. Dancing is great for that and it is fun. I never liked to exercise. I love watching “Dancing with the Stars too”. Cloris Leachman was awesome wasn’t she.

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  4. Generic Image Content says

    Thanks for sharing you story-I am also inspired by the Olympics.  I live in snow country and have always wanted to get into xcountry skiing.  I had tried it a few times but always went back to my comfortable snowshoes.  My husband bought me a season pass to the xcountry center close to us for Valentines Day and I’ve been going ever since.  I started with 30 minutes and am up to one hour (plus if I feel like it).  It’s a wonderful feeling to try to master something at this point in life-I’m 58.  (Some of the downhill still scares the hell out of me!).  It feels good and I’m really enjoying it.  Of course I’m no expert, but can hold my own on the easier trails.  My well loved snowshoes hang on the wall in the garage and I look at them often.  I’ll be back to them, but they will have to share time with new friends, the xcountry skis.

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  5. Generic Image spiritseeker says

    I’m with you, ARtismyli!! I’m winging my way into 60 even as we speak, determined to be fit in mind, body & spirit when I arrive!

    I’m walking 30 min. every day, laying off the alcohol except for special occasions (and as someone who loves to celebrate, it’s hard NOT to find a reason to do so!), and watching my cookies intake. It’s not easy, but I’m looking at the payoff. 

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  6. watruw8ing4 watruw8ing4 says

    Congratulations. A great decision. I’m 56 and alternatively jog, swim laps, use my elliptical and take the dog on power walks. Also do an exercise routine with weights on the off days. Let myself go for 10 years and hated myself for it. Been back in the saddle now for almost 2 years. Good for you to start as early as possible. I record all exercise, so I know when I am slacking. (By the way, I have a 67 year old neighbor who still does ballet. 2 lessons a week plus practice time. She’s a wonderful inspiration and has a 50′s body to boot).

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