Fear of Driving

Seems overnight I developed a fear of driving too close to others (like I’m going to hit them from the rear) or going above 50 mph. Has anybody else experienced this & if so how do you deal with it?

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  1. ageless ageless says

    I don’t know but my sister did the same thing and she started to correct constantly when I or the hubby was driving I asked her what her problem was and all she could tell me was it just started overnight like you just said It is better now However I think for about a year she was freaking out

    Not to encouraging huh?Look at it this way you pay closer attention The average driver makes over 2000 mistakes a year. Is your car making funny noises Maybe it is something simple like the car doesn’t feel just right when going higher speeds.

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    • SYRich SYRich says

      Hello Ageless (love your name!) Thanks for sharing your sister’s experience.  It’s reassuring to know that I’m not the only person out there “freaking out”.  It is the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced – I wish my fear would go away as suddenly as it occurred.

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  2. Generic Image Nana says

    Hi SYRich:   I’ve lived with this for a couple of years now.  It developed suddenly after a catastrophic loss in my life.  I’ve always enjoyed driving.  When I was a young mother I’d put the kids in their seatbelts and drive long distances to see my sisters, my parents, or travel to wherever my husband was working at the time. 

    I’ve found also as I have aged there is a difference as well.   I also live in a chronically traffic gridded city, it’s just getting so hard to get around anymore.  I think all of these things have contributed to it.

    I was surprised over Christmas, even my step daughter (age 45) admitted to suddenly feeling nervous driving on the highway at high speeds in this huge city.  Really surprised.  But your not alone.



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    • SYRich SYRich says

      Hello Catherine, thanks for sharing your experience with me.  You have no idea how “normal” you’ve made me feel because I see that I’m not alone.  I really appreciate that.  I’m trying to force myself to stay an active driver but I’m going to see my doctor and mention it to her to see if she has any suggestions.

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      • Generic Image Nana says

        One thing I do for myself when I began to talk to my shrink about this sudden fear of driving.  I took my car into the dealer and ask them to give it a good look over.  There was nothing wrong with it, and they charged me $325. to tell me there was nothing wrong with it, but my peace of mind was most important.

        My fear was so excessive I’d be driving along, and think, what if my tires fell off?  Or I’d be excessively concerned about my brakes, what if my brakes failed?  Really weird stuff.  And all of it as I mentioned after a catastrophic loss in my life.

        I have not given up driving.  I will not avoid going on the Hwy.  It’s taken me close to three years, but I feel a whole lot better driving now, and am glad I didn’t allow my fear to restrict my life.

        But my point was knowing my car is well maintained at all times makes me feel better.  And it’s not the car, it was ME.  :)

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  3. Generic Image M.Elizabeth says

    Hello SYRich, my daughter suffered with a few months.  Her doctor told her that she was having anxiety attachs, for no specific reasons.  She was later diagnosed with mild Bipoplar, and several other mental health conditions.  She is now under medication and doing as well as possible.  She does all things any of us can do, so there is hope don’t give up. 

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    • SYRich SYRich says

      Hi Elizabeth, I’m going to see my doctor next week and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll be able to help me out.  This condition has really affected my ability to be independence.  Thanks for the words of encouragement!!!

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  4. Generic Image Jus Lyktht says


    I had this for a while and it got worse….well, to give you some details, I absolutely loved driving, have taken up several trips across the country (including one from Seattle to Atlanta!) and at some point I started feeling insecure about driving too close to the car in front, and started asking my husband not too. He has been extremely supportive in that he has never judged me and never shown irritation when I was proxy driving in those kind of situations. It has eventually come to a stage now where I’m unable to drive on interstates – which freaks me out since I’m known to be a brave girl (done my share of skydiving and all that). I’m looking for ways to get over this anxiety (haven’t driven on highways for almost a year now and I feel miserable!). My palms get sweaty and I feel flushed when I go on the interstate and I get out the very next exit…If you were able to get some help and liked it, please recommend the same to me. Thanks!

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  5. absolute absolute says

    Hi, I have been diagnosed with perimenopause and the fear of driving came upon me suddenly as well. I am an interstate driver exclusively, now I am fighting this nagging fear about driving the interstate; simply don’t feel at peace and as confident as I was before. Some days I can still drive on Interstate but it is still not like it use to be; I was one of the assertive drivers now I’m the slow driver looking for the exits the entire trip. My doctor has given me prescriptions that has helped me in general, however not the driving completely. I have moved to a new state and now have to learn a new interstate that is huge, I feel overwhelmed. If anyone has found a remedy please share. When I find a doctor here I will talk to them about this and ask for help, there has got to be some help from somewhere.

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