Estroven vs. Remifemin? Hot Conversation

I’m hoping something natural can relieve my hot flashes.  Does anyone understand the difference between Estroven and Remifemin?  I’d appreciate any guidance – have they worked for anyone else?

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  1. cjbeachgirl cjbeachgirl says

    I don’t know the difference but I have taken Estroven and it worked for me. I does take up to a month to build up in your system but for me it worked. I couldn’t take other HRT because of allergic reactions. I took it for about 4 years with great success. I recommend it to all my friends.

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  2. Generic Image jewel says

    For the hot flashes, I think you are estrogen dominant. Have you tried Progesteron Cream made from wild yam? I used to buy “Natural Woman” from GNC but lately I buy from Hotze health and wellness . com Buy his book too, “Hormones, Health and Happiness,” also. Highly recommended! Take your magnesium every night. Helps to sleep like a baby.

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  3. Generic Image Lin says

    I take generic black cohosh (the main active ingredient in Remifemin and Estroven) for the hot flashes, and melatonin and 5-htp to relieve the truly horrific insomnia I got after menopause. I also sleep at night with a fan blowing air over me. My flashes are now down to a managable level and I can sleep for eight hours without waking up. By the way, my hot flashes started when I was about 35 and I still have them at 60, so they don’t necessarily go away in time. I took HRT for about three years, but prefer the natural approach.

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  4. Dixiejet Dixiejet says

    I love Remifemin . I was blessed that I could get full-sized free samples thru the mail, during the time I needed them cos we couldn’t afford SQUAT at that time. It worked GREAT…my hubby called it Remifeminine…. LOLOL ! GREAT STUFF…I highly recommend it . :o )

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  5. Nancy Schimmel Nancy Schimmel says

    Vitamin B6 and acupuncture worked for me. I don’t know if either would have worked alone, but I wanted relief so I didn’t do a scientific experiment.

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  6. ronibuni ronibuni says

    HRT creams MUST have real USP progesterone to work…wild yam molecules are too large to cross the transdermal barrier–thus have little success; whereas, real progesterone is already ready(so to speak)

    I have had good luck with progesterone cream I use it from ovulation to onset of menses…no flashes or sweats..I also have had great luck with melatonin as a sleep aid.

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  7. maria50 maria50 says

    My gynicologist prescribed “ACTIVELA” for me and I loved it. It took about 2 weeks to get into the system but once it was in I felt so much better. I refilled the prescription each month at a cost of $45.00 per month. It was not covered by my insurance. But I didn’t care. It was that good. My mood swings were more subtle, night sweats were less and hot flashes were practically erased.

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    • Generic Image pepermint patty says

      i take something called balanced woman it is made  thru TRIVITA it was a god send only took aboout a week to start working i was having hot flashes at work 1 or 2 every hour and night sweats all nite long . Now all of that is gone Just go to Hope it works.

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      • carolann1223 carolann1223 says

        I’m not sure of this but I stopped using the artificial sweetner Splenda and other aspartame sweetened products.  I noticed a huge improvement, I hardly have any hot flashes anymore.

        My Doctor also gave me Neuronton for the insomnia and it works great…for now I am trying to avoid HRT, these 2 things seem to be working for me.

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  8. Generic Image macccarrigan says

    I tried estroven and refemin both, they worked for a while, but my flashes kept coming back stronger.  I then read an article suggestin Macca. I buy it Whole Foods Market.  The dosage I was taking 1750gm  daily.  Worked well, and no side effects.  I do not want hormone replacement due to the Cancers that have been found in my family medical history.

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