Debi Drecksler

Happy birthday to Debi and Oprah!!

I share my birthday (January 29th) with Oprah, or since I'm older, I should rephrase that... Oprah shares her birthday with ME!

A few years ago, I came up with a brilliant idea! I wrote Oprah and suggested that she have a special birthday show and fill the audience ONLY with (over the age of 50) women born on January 29th. We could have a huge party with a scrumptious birthday cake, and if Oprah wanted to send us all home with presents..I wouldn't be ungracious enough to turn it down!

 I've written to Oprah several times through the years and have even received follow up phone calls from staff members, but this idea didn't even get an email reply.

Now she's "retiring" and my idea will never come to life! Boo-hoo!!

You can't blame a Birthday Girl for trying to have some FUN on her special day.

p.s. There's another winter storm heading to our mountains guessed it...January 29th!! 


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