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Hairstyles for thin hair: Are bangs a big no-no?

Should bangs be included in the discussion when you’re talking hairstyles for thin hair? If your hair is light and wispy, won’t bangs just look ridiculous plastered against your forehead? Wearing bangs is actually a good way to look young and stylish, without going to the dermatologist’s office.

Hairstyles for thin hair

Even women who have always enjoyed naturally thick, rich hair may find that their locks are becoming fine and thin with time. It’s very easy to see that hair changes as we age: it turns grey as natural pigments fade and fail to produce color as they did in the past. The structure of your hair may change over time as well, and suddenly each strange feels a little more thin than it did before. Hairstyles for thin hair help you learn to flatter your new look.

Don’t be mistaken. Hairstyles for thin hair are not your regular hairstyles, with volumizing cream added for effect. As you age, you may find that the look you used to wear just won’t cut it any more. Don’t run out and get a tight granny perm just yet. There are lots of ways you can style your hair so that it will still look chic, modern and young -- without making you look ridiculous. If you want to take off an instant 10 years to your hairstyle, just add bangs.

To bang or not to bang?

Instead of getting Botox, try getting bangs. Hairstyles with bangs are worn by women of every age, and they come with a built-in, anti-aging ingredient: they cover the forehead. A sweep of bang is a great way to hide wrinkles and flatter the lines on your face. Bangs emphasize your eyes, making them larger and making crow’s feet look less noticeable. VN’s Guide, Great Hair After 50, talks at length about hairstyles for thin hair involving bangs, and how flattering they can be.

Hairstyles for thin hair: The support staff

Use various styling products and tools to keep hairstyles for thin hair looking fresh and fashionable, and most importantly, full. Use thickening mouse to give your hair volume. When styling, spray the roots of your hair with hairspray to make them lift up and stick off your hair, giving your hair an all-over appearance of fullness.

If all the mousse and hair gel in the world won’t help, don’t be afraid to fill out your head with extensions. Women of all ethnicities and hair types, from Paris Hilton to Tyra Banks, use extensions to give their hair volume and length as desired.  Hairstyles for thin hair can look any way you want them to if you add a little synthetic hair into the mix. Just think of it as another cosmetic that helps your overall look, like a touch of lipstick or a fresh manicure.


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