“The Death Talk” – what aren’t you telling your family? (VN Newsletters, June 4, 2012)

June 4, 2012 at 7:00 am in Family & Relationships, Work & Money by VN Newsletters

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Why I love Anna Quindlen
Anna Quindlen’s essays always make me think. Her latest collection is a joyful celebration of life as a mature woman. It’s reflective, thoughtful…and reminds me why I wouldn’t trade being in my fifties for the chance to be younger.


Scars will fade
One of the benefits of growing older is the sense of perspective it brings. When trouble comes, the idea that something is “the end of the world,” has been replaced by “This, too, shall pass.”

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“The Death Talk” — what aren’t you telling your family?
No one wants to think about it. But if you don’t take the time to plan, your wishes and your family’s financial security could be at risk.

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“Get ready for the ride of your life. Prepare for greatness!”
What would you write in a postcard to your younger self?

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Don’t Say “Retirement”
You can reinvent yourself — and your career — after 50! Your fellow vibrant women share their reinvention stories and advice in our newest report. Download your copy — it’s free to all VN members!

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