Powerball Planning

September 27, 2012 at 5:32 pm in Work & Money by Lisa Ricard Claro

Someone in Iowa won the Powerball lottery jackpot last night, a whopping $202,000,000. Can you imagine? That’s a lot of moola. How would you react if you won? I’d hyperventilate and then spend an hour quadruple-checking my numbers to make sure I didn’t transpose a digit.

In the past when my husband and I have played the “what if” game he always teased me that by the time I’m through giving all the money away we won’t have any left. But really, what fun is it if our friends and relatives aren’t similarly blessed? If I’m heading out on a Mediterranean cruise I want my best pals to be able to afford to sail along with me. Ergo, money must be given away.  And lots of it. And then there are the charities.

St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital is my charity of choice, but there are many deserving others—Shriners Hospitals for Children, American Cancer Society, and ASPCA (of which I am a proud member), to name just a few. It would be satisfying to write checks of giant dollar amounts to the lot of them, wouldn’t it? AND have the wherewithal to make sure the money went where it would do the most good.
And I confess, I’d go on a spending spree for shoes (my guilty pleasure). After which I’d have a three margarita lunch before heading out for a mani-pedi. With my closest friends. At my new Italian villa . . . that just happens to be next door  . . . to George Clooney’s.

So if you won $202,000,000 what would you do? How would you react to the news? And then how would you spend the green? C’mon, buttercup. Fess up with the naked truth. Keep it, spend it, or give it away?

See you next time –

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