How do I get my common law partner out of MY house.

January 21, 2010 at 7:12 pm in Work & Money by Dahlia

I moved to Canada 3 years ago with a very charming man, on the outside, (a monster behind closed doors) I met 40 years ago.  We just reunited 3 years ago and I moved to Canada and bought a house (I am the only one on the title).  I just recently found out that he’s been behaving very badly and lying to me ever since we reunited 3 years ago.  He works and is paid under the table and I’ve been retired now for 6 years and have been paying all the bills.  He keeps telling me that he will help with expenses when he has some money!  Hasn’t happened yet even though he is the one working. 

My question (remember we live in Canada) how do I get him out of the house.  If I change the locks and he breaks in, I can call the police and have him charged with B&E but eventually he will come back.  Can I remove all his belongings from the house and place outside or will I be in troube for not protecting his property.

I am at a loss and I’m going broke supporting him.  He lays around the house using the electricity, hot water, TV etc and does not pay anything. 

If I go through an attorney, each attorney told me it will cost approx $5-$10 thousand dollars and several months to get a restraining/no contact order and I already owe that in mortgage, HO insurance, utilities, etc. that I can’t pay.  I’ve been borrowing money from my friends in the states so I don’t loose my home.  I would sell this house up here in 2 seconds if I could break-even, but with the economy right now I can only get half of what’s been put in it.

I am 60 years of age and this was to be my retirement home. 

So, if anyone out there has been through this in British Columbia, CANADA and can give me some GOOD advice, it would be truly appreciated.

Going broke supporting a bum – Kathy W


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