Repeat me: ‘You, too, can sing!’ Ilonka Szollosi

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Meet my alter ego and distant distant Hungarian cousin: Ilonka Szollosi (pronounced: Szeu-leu-shee)

I didn’t start singing until age 40. I have a lower, torch singing voice. When I would go to church or other events; the key of the music didn’t fit my voice. I thought I sounded odd when I heard the higher female voices around me.

One day, my church announced they were performing GODSPELL and needed ‘players’. I got brave and showed up! Due to a fluke, I got the role of Sonia. LUCKY ME! Sonia sings a saloon-style, lower range song called: Turn Back Oh Man!

A star was born! The song range fit my voice perfectly! My vocals came out clearly, without strain! WOW! I thought, I can sing! The rest is history! I got fellow, piano playing church members to use the electronic keyboard to adjust the key to fit my voice. These folks played and recorded to tape, music I could learn in MY KEY! I eventually performed a torch singing show at our church coffee house.

Yes, I was ‘rusty’, and the audience was loving and forgiving. I went on to take voice lessons to hone my skills. I also started to collect songs that fit my voice. Thank goodness for karaoke machines with key/pitch adjustments, I was able to start singing a wider variety of music! Thanks to a friend named, Vicki, I got to practice my singing by going to nursing homes and singing! The folks loved my voice and ERA of music that fit my voice. I found the silver screen era music fit beautifully!

I evolved into singing on stage in the role of DOMINA (A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum). The music for this character fit my voice! I got to sing a solo on stage at Oyster Mill Playhouse of Camp Hill, PA: Dirty Old Man (what a thrill!)

So if anyone has ever told you, YOU CAN’T SING! Step away from the PEER PRESSURE and JUDGEMENT. Step away from that label. Tell your friends to be: PEER POSITIVES and be supportive.

As my friend Ilonka Szollosi says in her youtube video: REPEAT ME! YOU, TOO, CAN SING! LET ME HEAR YOU!

Seriously! Make your soul happy! ‘Sing out loud, sing out strong – don’t worry that it’s not good enough, for anyone else to hear, just sing, sing a song!) Neil Diamond

In laughter clubs, we PURPOSELY SING BADLY because it’s more fun. So sing along – BADLY IF YOU WISH – with Ilonka Szollosi as she encourages you to make your soul happy and SING!

Have a beautiful, song filled day!
Put a song in your heart, a smile on your face and a glimmer in your eye!
Live Life! Laugh Often!
Live Life in Amazement! and be a PEER POSITIVE not a PEER PRESSURE NEGATIVE
Highlighted Ha Ha Helen Szollosy of LAFOLOT

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