How Do You Accept?

September 24, 2010 at 6:15 am in Spirituality by Eve007

How do you accept your age? How did I get to be this age? Yes, I did the pro’s and con’s, most are good but I have to admit, I am getting older, my body is telling that.

How do I accept living in a sexless marriage? Married to a man that thinks of me as his sister or best friend? How do I accept the fact that most of my time is alone?

How do I accept the fact that my child is on her own and doesn’t need me anymore? How do I accept that I have to find new interest to keep my day busy? How do I accept the fact that I don’t care anymore?

How do you accept that you have too much stuff and you need to get rid of it? How do you accept the fact that you live day to day wondering what tomorrow will bring if anything? How do we accept who we are and our situations?

Please tell me, how do we accept the fact that we are older, no mate, no interest and how to get our spirit back?

Simply, how do we accept our lives?